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Trouble Staying Focused? Try Out These Study Spots

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Have trouble focusing on homework? Try checking out some different study locations around Athens. Here are the locations I’ve found so far.

Coffee Shops

A sweet treat in a new location may help, and from what I’ve found, there’s no shortage of coffee shops in Athens to check out. My personal favorite for studying is Donkey Coffee. If you don’t do well with other noises going on, this option may not be the spot for you. However, if you’re anything like me and need a mix of things going on to focus, this will be a perfect place for you.

Alden Library

Alden Library is a must-hit spot for studying. My favorite is the fourth floor. With all the windows to look outside and see the leaves changing, the library is a great place to go between classes instead of my dorm. If you need a place to sit down and get in the zone, check out the fifth-floor “study cubbies,” as I call them.

Baker University Center

I love going to Baker to study. The fifth level is my absolute favorite place to get my homework done. It’s the perfect blend of movement without being overwhelming. Not to mention, the view up there is one of the best on campus. The chairs are comfy, which makes Baker a great spot for uninterrupted studying. It quickly became my go-to alternative instead of going to the dorm.

Patton College

It may be my bias as an education major, but I feel Patton College is the ideal study space. I love the huge windows, the variety of seating options, not to mention the outdoor seating area on the roof. Honestly, what’s not to love?

I’m sure other people have their go-to locations, and I can only imagine how many spots I will find over my time here, but if you’re stuck in your dorm and need a change of location, try one of these spots out!

Hi I'm Casidy a first year student at Ohio University. I'm currently studying integrated social studies, beyond just school I enjoy reading, spending time with friends and family, and hiking!