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Treat Yo Self

As a college student, I know most of us are trying to be as frugal as possible by eating ramen, shoving as much laundry into the machine as possible to save up precious quarters, and by basically buying the cheapest of everything in order to have money in your bank account. But, everyone deserves to treat them selves every once in a while, even the struggling college student. Here are a few ways to do so.


Study Essentials:

This is a splurge most people wouldn’t consider, but paying a little extra on study essentials can help motivate you to study more, which will lead to better grades. Personally, my freshman year I had a plain planner and was too lazy to take it out to write down assignments. Now that I got a pretty Lily Pulitzer one, I want to show it off, which means I write down and look up all my assignments. Getting a cute planner, laptop case, or pencils will help motivate you to study more.



Whether it be OU gear or partying outfits, a girl can never have enough clothes. In town, Import house, The Other Place, and Kismet are just a few places to get your shopping on. Online, many stores/sites will give you a discount the first time you shop there. If your wardrobe is looking a little boring, a few new items can spruce it up and help you to feel more happy and confident.



It’s likely by this point in time; you are already tired of the d-hall, or from making the same boring meals in your apartment everyday. There are so many food locales to explore in Athens, you can’t go wrong. Some restaurants will put deals or specials on their twitter, so make sure to follow them!


If you’ve been financially savvy all week, treat yourself to a pumpkin spice latte. Next time you go to CVS for some essentials, get that amazing smelling hair gel you’ve always wanted. Although money doesn’t buy happiness, sometimes treating yourself does.


***Article by Rachel Cassidy***

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