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Tradition Changed For Homecoming Parade

Homecoming–it’s a time of unity and tradition. But this year, one Bobcat tradition is changing, the parade route. Previously, the parade started on the east end of Court Street and weaved through alleyways and bars. This year, the parade will march up West Union Street and end at Ping Center.

Many students are perturbed by this new route. Court Street was prime location, a great area for students, alumni and community members alike to gather and cheer as the parade passes by. Now instead of stomping on our infamous bricks, the parade parties will be walking uphill on asphalt.

Maybe this is a new time for Bobcats new and old. The freshmen class will be telling their grandkids about the great parade on Union, while upperclassmen and alumni will reminisce about the Court Street parade, taking in the new route.

All in all, Homecoming in Athens is a great time for anyone. Celebrating our school, our history and those who’ve graduated before us will always be a tradition here.

Junior Journalism major and Junior editor at Ohio University.
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