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Tips To Make Your Room Fall Ready – On A College Budget

So, its fall! We’re officially closer to the end of the semester and ready to embrace the changing leaves. While fall may be a very colorful and exciting transition to a new period in the semester, it can be kind of hard to embrace if your surroundings have not embraced the change.  

Below are a few tips to help you create the perfect fall inspired dorm room (on a college budget) to brighten your mood as well as embrace the mood of the season.

1. Buy fall scented candles

Probably the easiest way to arouse your senses and help your mind transition into the new season, scented candles are by no doubt a necessity for most things in life. Walmart has plenty of candles which can be bought for as low as $5.00. You can pick up a pumpkin spice scented candle now and even think ahead and buy some pine scented candles for the Christmas time. 

(Photo courtesy of Buzzfeed.com)

2. Add lights to your room

This is an instant mood booster.  After a long day of classes, it can be nice to come home and turn on your twinkle lights to help you relax and calm down. You can hang them from your headboard, window, or around your ceiling. It lights up your room instantly and with the endless possibilities of places to hang them, I would say it’s worth the investment. You can grab some great lights from Target for under $10.00.

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com)

3. Change your bedding

As fall approaches, you may start to notice that you need to switch up your bedding from the lightweight covers you used over the summer, to more bulky and protected sheets. What screams fall more than a flannel inspired bedding? Kohl’s has a nice selection of flannel bedding for around $20 which will help to create that easy transition to the fall. 

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com)

4. Create a picture board

DIY can be so fun, especially knowing the result will be great. Grab a friend and search Google for various fall inspired pictures you can use to make a collage and hang around the room. Not only is this free, but it can be very soothing. For a bonus, hang the pictures around your twinkle lights for that extra glow. 

(Photo courtesy of Youtube.com)

5. Add flowers

Probably one of the more simple ideas, but flowers have been scientifically proven to affect people’s happiness. So, the more flowers you have, the less agitated and hostile you feel. You can walk around campus and pick a few flowers to put in a vase across from your bed, or you can buy some from a local flower shop. 

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