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TikTok Stars To Global Singer / Songwriters

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As TikTok gains more and more popularity with its rising trends and influencers, there no doubt that this social media platform has the power to present overnight sensations. Two sensations I have been following for a while are Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler, known as Jxdn. These two started their fame journey through the TikTok app, and are now singing and touring the world.

By creating short-form videos on the app, they both seemed to express their own distinctive style and vibe. This content allowed Nessa to have a following of 19.8 Million and Jaden to 9.3 Million on the TikTok platform and start creating music. Although gaining fame separately, they gained even more as the two became a beloved couple in the TikTok community, touring together and collaborating in a song called “La Di Die”. This song generated a massive anticipation amongst their fans, including myself and they went viral together and sparked this new path for both of them.

Personally, this song got me to officially tap in and become more attached to the two; they were everyone’s favorites. I was so interested in their music careers I even bought tickets to go see Jxdn during his 2021 concert tour with my boyfriend and we loved it! It was honestly a very enjoyable concert, including his newest album tracks and of course, “La Di Die” which came with seeing Barrett perform as well! It was truly an incredible night and I was amazed at both of their talent. However, as a year went by, (me still following the TikTok drama), I soon saw they had broken up, and was devastated, along with other teens and TikTok followers. This did not stop us though from seeing Jaden in concert again this year, and hearing new tracks of his as a now long-time fan. At this more recent concert, we unfortunately did not see Nessa, but I did catch a rose, so that made up for it!

Hossler’s and Barrett’s story is still very unique to me and I know I am not the only one who thinks they are meant to be. In all seriousness though, they are truly incredible artists in their own way and I am amazed at where they are today. This demonstrates the power that social media can have and the changing landscape of the music entertainment industry.

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