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This London-Based TikToker Has Everyone’s Confidence Levels Through The Roof, And You Don’t Want To Miss It.

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Many people deal with social anxiety, confidence levels, and being their true selves around strangers, especially in public places. In fact, fifteen million American adults have Social Anxiety Disorder and more than 75% of people experience their first symptoms during their childhood or early teenage years. Sabrina Bahsoon has people all over TikTok recording themselves dancing and being confident and we are all here for it.  

Sabrina, better known on TikTok as “tube girl”, is a London-based influencer who posted her first viral “tube” TikTok back in early August of this year. On her posts, many of her captions include inspiring quotes to encourage other creators to get out of their comfort zone, such as “Live your life, romanticize your journey. Trust me no one actually cares.”  

It started with a few songs where she would post herself using the back camera in .5 zoom singing and dancing to songs like “First Lady of Juicy Couture,” Tate McRae’s new song “Greedy,” and “Prada” by Raye.  

Now, a lot of creators have been posting themselves on public transportation singing and dancing to these songs to work through their social anxiety and boost their confidence levels, and personally, I love it.  

She was interviewed by a TikTok account called “Feelgoodwoo,” where she was asked what her essentials were. She responded with her fan (because it gets super-hot in the tubes in London), her MAC lip-gloss, which she uses every day, and her MAC compact mirror.  

TikTok creators hope she continues her tube videos and inspires many people to be their most confident selves without seeking anyone else’s opinion.  


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TikTok- @feelgoodwoo “What is the tube girl’s essentials? We tracked down @Sabrina Bahsoon this #londonfashionweek to find out ❤️‍🔥 Watch the full interview on our page 📹 #streetinterview #tubegirl #creatorinterview #fashionmonth #tiktokfashionmonth

TikTok- @sabrinabahsoon

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