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There can be amazing clothes and also awful ones. This article is going to focus on the looks I hate and why. Make sure you check out the other article about the best looks of the golden globes.

1. Emma D’Arcy

I hate this so much, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. The haircut is not good, the giant suit is awful! I don’t know why people continue to wear giant versions of clothes, it never looks good and it looks like they are drowning in cloth. The bow is terrible the asymmetrical coat is awful. The gloves don’t even look good. There’s a way to be edgy without looking trashy and well, this is just horrible.

2. Sigourney Weaver

No. All of this is wrong and the worst part about it is that it had the opportunity to be good. The material is frumpy and makes her look like an oval, like she does not have a human body shape. The arms just being connected to the bottom of the bodice is so frumpy. The bow in the middle is disgusting. Terrible, not good, bad.

3. Ayo Edebiri

Again, this had so much potential but the gloves?? Why that color? If that color was the same as the dress they would’ve looked so beautiful but I also don’t like the velvet texture look it has. The actual dress looks like drapery to me, something to be hung up in front of a window. I hate how it is slightly wrinkled and the hip shape is very boxy. Not sure why these choices were made. However the hair and makeup is beautiful!!

4. Claire danes

No everything about this is wrong, the flowers are bad and the lattice is not flattering. The color washes her out and the giant bow in the middle is a huge NO-NO.

5. Jenna Ortega

Again, so much potential! The arms and skirt are so cute but the mid section is terrible! Why is there this BDSM vibe to what could’ve been such an elegant dress. Even the top is beautiful. The mid section ruins it all, so atrocious.

6. MJ Rodriguez

I can’t exactly decide how I feel about this dress. I love the color and I love how it’s made of satin and I love the shoes. I just hate the bow dress though because I hate bows! It gives her no shape and she looks like a wonton soup noodle. I don’t know how to feel, she’s so stunning but the dress is not it.

7. Jenny Slate

I love the color of this dress on her, it compliments her hair so well but why the big bow! Bows are just a no and I just don’t understand why people keep on wearing them:((

8. britt lower

So much potential again! But this dress looks like it’s pulling her down and it looks like she’s uncomfortable in it. The gloves remind me of the plastic gloves you clean the sink but in black. The bottom of the dress had a chance but the ruffles look almost just wrinkled.

There were many more I disliked but I could not find a good photo of them. So the honorable mentions are Michelle Williams, Sarah Polley, Chris Perfetti, and Tefe Pessoa.

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