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What to Expect for Homecoming at OU

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

This year’s Homecoming at our main campus feels like the first for many of us Bobcats. Many people are asking what is homecoming or what do you do?

Cameron Smith-Friends At Sporting Event
Cameron Smith / Her Campus

Homecoming is more for Ohio University alumni, they are quite literally coming home to relive their college experience and revisit the place we now consider our home. This year Ohio University is bringing alums home with a bang. Although there are several events leading up to homecoming weekend like trivia night and Bobcats Abroad, the show really starts on Saturday at 10:00 am with the Homecoming parade. The route of this parade sometimes changes directions but we can be sure they hit most of the popular spots like Court Street and around College Green. Some of our favorite clubs will be involved but don’t worry, if you can’t make it in person, Ohio University will be broadcasting it live on Zoom hosted by DJ A-Roc.

Saturday has a lot going on, once the parade is over our Bobcats are swiftly welcomed to join Rufus our mascot at the Pepsi Tailgreat Park which starts at 12. This does come at a cost, but not a steep one. If your parents are alumni, this is a great place to take them for a delicious meal on the Hocking River. Although the price may catch some off guard, $30 for anyone over the age of 13, with great views, and a great meal, you can’t beat it.

The night comes to a close with the face-off of the semester, Ohio University Bobcats VS. Central Michigan. Although you may think a game against our rival, a team I won’t name… might be more popular, the energy and school spirit at a game filled with alumni is unmatched. Everyone needs to rush over to Peden Stadium for this game. College comes with football and there is no better way to get all Bobcats in one place than to put on a good game, the Homecoming game usually has one of the highest attendances of OU students and alumni and I cant wait to see how it looks this year!

To the current students of Ohio University–enjoy this year’s homecoming, hang out with your friends and attend these events, you won’t forget it! To our alumni, we are so excited to have you back on campus and we hope that this weekend we are able to get you back in the Bobcat groove. See you all on Saturday!

Carly Getter is a Junior in the Communications Sciences and Disorders major at Ohio University with plans to become an audiologist. She loves to read, drink coffee, and love on her bunny Keeto!