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The Best Looks of the Golden Globes

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You know the drill by now if you have been following my posts, an awards show means a new review of the looks. These will contain my favorite looks of the night and I must tell you, this one is exciting! Make sure you go look at my article that has my least favorite looks from the night too!

1. Viola Davis

This royal blue gown is just so stunning on Viola Davis. It makes her skin glow and she looks so youthful in it. I love the way it is draped on her body just creates such a great shape. I must say the bottom is not my favorite because it looks like the dress got wet, but overall I think this dress is stunning!

2. tyler james williams

This blue suit is to die for! It looks like watercolor but the stripes add an element of shape, so he is not just drowning in material. The brooch is just the perfect bit of sparkle to add onto the suit jacket. I love how the pants are wide legged but it doesn’t look too baggy because of the way the jacket it cropped and cinched at the waist.

3. salma hayek

Jaw dropped. She looks like the night sky mixed with Hollywood glamour. This dress sort of reminds me of Kendall Jenners dress at the Met Gala in 2021. However, it gives me even more Hollywood glamour because of the fringe coming off which reminds me of a flapper dress but in the most elegant way. I love how the beading meets in the middle to give her shape and flares out at the bottom give her even more shape. The sleeves have such gorgeous beading. The only critique I have is that the black straps should’ve been the beaded material instead. Definitely my favorite look of the night.

4. Andrew garfield

Just like with Tyler James William, Andrew Garfield has elevated the typical mens suit. The color is so unique, a burnt orange/Sienna is not often seen. The use of black beneath it gives it a classy look and really is the only color that will compliment the main suits orange.

5. Li Jun Li

Only one word for this dress: angelic! The fit on her body works so well, sometimes straight down dresses do not work on people but this dress was fit for her body. The sparkles are gorgeous and the crisp white color is very refreshing but did not wash her out.

6. Rachel Lindsay

Simple, gorgeous, classy. The slit in the gathered skirt that’s a bit more relaxed is just so fabulous, it suits her legs! The bust of the dress is so unique with the straight across cut in the satin and then a bra like shape peaking out the top with the glitter. The simple black pumps with the necklace perfectly compliments the dress.

7. Victoria Garrick Browne

This red satin dress is just so beautiful. How it is gathered at the side creating such a beautiful drapery. The top with the lace is just so refreshing as I feel like such a beautiful lace is rarely seen. This dress is sultry, sexy, and suits her skin tone and body shape so well.

8. monica barbaro

What a fun tulle dress. The silhouette reminds me of a 1950s housewife but just a bit longer! The red works with her and the twirling picture is to die for!

9. emily uribe

Hot pink done right! I surprisingly love the bow on the side, how it just gives the dress enough shape. AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!!! The color is so beautiful on her and I think this was a wonderful choice.

10. janelle james

The cape..the deep v neck..the form fit below the v neck! I can’t handle how gorgeous this is. The blue looks this year has amazed me so much! I just love how Janelle James is glowing in every photo, how the top of the dress is more satiny and the middle is a more matte color. Stunning!

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