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zendaya and sydney sweeney in corset dresses at the emmys 2022
zendaya and sydney sweeney in corset dresses at the emmys 2022
Photo by Danny Moloshok/Invision for the Television Academy/AP Images

The 74th Emmys! Fashion Recap

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Hello all I am back once again to do an awards fashion recap! In my recap I will be talking about some fabulous looks and some not so fabulous looks. In case you don’t know, the Emmys is an awards ceremony awarding films and TV Shows! Also a PSA: I will not be mentioning men in this article because the suits can be repetitive!

The Best Dressed

1. lizzo

She did it again! This fabulous Giambattista Valli Couture dress stole the night away! The red is so bold mixed with the tulle, it’s just perfection! What I love about this dress is how the tulle, although massive, still gives her shape-she is not drowning in it! Lizzo looked so fabulous and I will forever love this look!

2. zendaya

This Valentino dress is the perfect mix of classy with new age fashion. I love how the top has the layering going down to the main skirt. The color is just the perfect stormy night blue, allowing Zendaya herself to be the main focus but the dress still stands out. The simple necklace paired with the low neckline is just beautiful!

3. sandra oh

Purple power! Ms. Oh looks like she could step on anyone’s neck and nobody would be complaining. This Rodarte suit is so fabulous from head to toe. The sequins and the satin, are you kidding me?! This is such an amazing look and Ms. Oh looks fabulous!

4. caitlin mehner

If you can’t tell, I am loving the jewel tones that the Emmy’s brought out this year. This emerald green dress by Jenny Packman is absolutely stunning. I loved it when the Duchess Kate wore this and I love it on Caitlin. I love the gathering in the bodess and and tule skirt and top.

5. Rhea Seehorn

Giving Katniss Everdeen realness! I love the flame esc print on this beautiful dress is just so stunning. The top is unique and I don’t hate the cut out, which is nearly almost impossible! I think this dress is so unique and frames Ms. Rhea’s body so well! Okur Hunger Games!

6. quinta brunson

When I tell you, my jaw dropped I mean it slammed on the ground. I love how the top of this dress has a metallic feel and the bottom just so smooth. It’s the perfect combination of texture with elegenace. The color is a beautiful caramel shade and the gloves look like they belong. This stunning piece of art was crafted by Dolce and Gabbana.

7. alexis somerville

This is giving starry night fantasy. I love the constellations and it reminds me of a Matoshi designed dress. The silhouette with the stunning deep V neck is just so beautiful. I love this so incredibly much, I guess you could say it blew me out of this world.

8.patricia williams

This is an elegant night time dress that is just beautiful. It drapes on Ms. Patricia’s body so well and I love the slit. Normally I don’t love velvet but this velvet is just stunning! This is just so elegant!


1. Sarah niles

I can’t decide if I love this or not. The gold is like a river flowing on her but the shape at the bottom seems awkward and the big round sleeve is throwing me off. But then again, it’s so pretty! It reminds me of the 1920s how everything was gold and glamorous, it’s just a few small things that gets me.

2. keeley hawes

First I start with the things I love: the silhouette, the color, the fabric, and the silver details. Now for the bad…those bows! Why put those bows on such a fabulous dress. It was giving Glinda the Good Witch until the bows! One thing you must note about me, is I hate bows and I hate cutouts. So this dress has me confused!

3. ayo edebiri

Do I love it? Do I hate it? The cape is stunning and is making this dress whimsical, but I feel like the shaping of the dress is a bit odd and the 3D flowers are not giving what I was hoping they would! Surprisingly the bows don’t bother me on this one. I truly just can’t decide.

worst dressed

1. sarah paulson

This one hurts me to say, but I hate this so much. It makes me feel some sort of way that’s uncomfortable mixed with disgusted and I just can’t explain it. She normally wows me with everything she does, her acting, her outfits, her lives, but this one was a miss. Why the weird square cutoff top? Why the short skirt over the long one? Just why.

2. julia garner

As mentioned before, I hate cutouts. If this dress was just pure black without the cut out it would be beautiful. Why the diamond, why showing her bellybutton. It is just so random and it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t understand how someone could turn a beautiful dress into that. Stop it with the cut outs!

3. ariel dumas

This is Jojo Siwa couture done so wrong. What is this? It looks like 2014 threw up on you. And what’s with the tennis shoes? This is the Emmy’s for crying out loud! The sequins are just terrible, Sandra Oh did sequins right, this is just a sin.

4. issa rae

This dress is just awkward looking. The cutout is weird, the black and white curves don’t accent her body shape instead makes her body look awkward. It just is not for me at all, not at all.

5. laverne cox

Just no. Why the lines, the weird abstract shapes. It is artsy but in the wrong way. I appreciate a crazy dress moment but this is just not it. It looks so stiff and uncomfortable to wear. And the zipper! Why???

6. jasmine savoy brown

And to top it all off, latex with weird cutouts and stiffness. Why would anyone design this? It looks uncomfortable and you can tell she hates wearing this.

At the end, I know my comments got short, but it’s because the dresses are so bad that I have NO words. I was at a loss for words! However, majority of the looks were beautiful this round! It was hard to find bad outfits this year!

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