#TBT Concert Ft. Shaggy

I had been following University Program Council’s Instagram updates about the #TBT concert for weeks, and the day had finally arrived.  When UPC announced that Shaggy would be coming to Ohio University, I screamed.  

(Photo courtesy of http://nepascene.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/shaggy-mount-airy-casino...)

For the past few years, UPC has partnered with the Black Student Cultural Programming Board to put on a #TBT concert, featuring an artist that students in college used to listen to. It’s pretty nostalgic.

When the highly anticipated day finally arrived, I walked into the concert held in Baker not knowing what to expect.  The event exceeded my expectations.  There was a DJ, a photo booth, a Kona ice machine and an artist who was airbrushing white t-shirts with the #TBT logo on it.  


Did I mention that all of this, plus Shaggy’s performance was completely FREE?  I know.

Stunned, my best friend and I walked around and danced to the music.  Even at the end of our freshman year, we couldn’t believe all that OU had to offer.  We truly couldn’t believe our eyes as we looked around at the cool shirts and hats with airbrush designs. 

(Photo courtesy of https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/36/8c/9b/368c9b408a787634...)

After waiting or what seemed like forever for Shaggy to perform, he finally came out, decked out in a leather jacket and sunglasses.  His songs did not disappoint.  He truly knows how to interact with a crowd.  Except when he thought he was at Ohio State.

(Photo courtesy of https://www.osu.edu/assets/web/logo-web/TheOhioStateUniversity-Stacked.jpg)

We have cut Shaggy some slack though…he’s from Jamaica after all.

(Photo courtesy of https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/0/0a/Flag_of_Jamaic...)

Although his concert only lasted approximately 45 minutes or so, his music did not disappoint.  Singing hits like “Angel” and “It Wasn’t Me,” left everyone in the crowd satisfied.  He even surprised everyone by performing a new song that he partnered with OMI for!  

Thanks, Shaggy, for coming all the way to OU!