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Spring break for Ohio University and other universities is around the corner! For us girls and some guys, we must look our best! If you are going someplace warm, you might order the best swimsuit, sunglasses, hats, outfits, etc. You even might hit the gym super hard so you can feel your best. One of the last things you may do is paint your nails, but deciding on a color can be hard. This article includes 10 nail colors that will make you feel great during SB!

1. Peach! The color peach is vibrant yet subtle along with super cute!

2. The color blue! You can never go wrong with a good shade of blue.

3. Yellow – OMG so vibrant and lively, I love.

4. Pink. Can you get more girly than pink?

5. Of course, I have to throw in the color Nude because you can never ever ever go wrong. Plus, you can make a nude nail color cute!

6. French tips. I mean put on those nails and you’re set.

7. White and gold – so adorable.

8. A light ocean color.

9. Light purple!

10. If you want to get extremely bright, go with a lime green!

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