Spooky Halloween Movies You Must Watch

It’s that time of year again where we hide from the weather and are in the mood for scary movies. We all know the classics, but I want to share some more. I’ll cover the top movies on Netflix, so enjoy your binge-watching.

"The Curse of Chucky"

The killer doll named Chucky infiltrated a woman’s life and the life of her sister and niece. As you can assume, the happy ending is not so happy.  

"The Open House"

Our favorite actor from Thirteen Reasons Why is the start in this movie. Dylan Minnette and his mother agree to help sell her sister’s house in order to make ends meet. After an open house weird stuff starts to happen, so they have to spend a night trying to survive and figure out what was happening in the house.

"Let Me In"

If Vampire Diaries was your go-to for binge watch in high school, this movie is for you. Chloë Grace Moretz stars as a young vampire who meets a young boy and they quickly become friends. Soon the young boy finds out her secret and their friendship is tested after unexplainable deaths happen in the town.

"The Conjuring"

Everyone should know this classic. If not, put it on your Halloween movie bucket list. The Perron family moves into a new house only to find out it’s haunted. They call a few experts to find out what’s happening and hope to stop the evil spirits.

"Would You Rather"

A girl named Iris has to find a way to help pay for her brother’s leukemia treatments.  She was introduced to a philanthropist who invited her to a dinner party where she can win money playing a game. This game turns out to be a twisted version of would you rather and she has to survive to win the money and see her brother again.

"Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant"

Darren Shan and his friend go to the Cirque Du Freak Show to add some fun to their lives. They figure out the show is full of real monsters, and they are particularly interested in a vampire. They ask this vampire to change them, and it ends up causing a lot of drama.

"Death Note"

Based on the anime, this movie is about a student named Light Turner who is angry about all the bad things in the world. One day a book appears from the sky and gives him the ability to kill the names written in the book. The note is linked to a God of death that encourages him to use the book. After the deaths of criminals all over the world, Light has to decide to keep using the book or go into hiding.


Another classic movie, I watch it every year. Coraline’s parents move the family to a different state and she has to leave all of her friends behind. The new neighbors give Caroline a doll that gives her access to the Other World. In this world, Caroline finds another set of parents who are more loving than her own. Soon enough, she figures out that this Other World isn’t as great as it seemed, so she has to find her way back home.

"Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls"

The town of Danville gets a new Haunted House, and everyone wants to go. A group of friends goes to try out the house and find out that the souls of those who went through the house before are stuck there. As their friends go missing, the rest have to team up to try and save them before they go missing too.

"Girl vs. Monster"

Olivia Holt is the star of this show. Like any other teen, she wants to go out for Halloween but her parents won’t let her. They go as far as to set up a security system to keep her inside, and it’s because they have a secret. Olivia Holt cuts the security system, incidentally letting out part of her parent’s secret. Skylar has to face her fears after finding out that she is part of a family of Monster Hunters, to save everyone from monsters.

"The Sixth Sense"

An award-winning psychologist tries to help a boy who believes he can see and speak to dead people. The psychologist works with the boy to help him see that it’s only a delusion, but soon he finds out that the boy might actually be able to see and speak to the dead.