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Songs That Will Have You Falling For Fall

Crunching through the crisp leaves on your way to class this fall won’t seem like such a drag with songs like these on your playlist! Give each song a listen, figure out your favorites and add them to your personal playlist to (pumpkin) spice it up!  (Get it?  Pumpkin spice? Because it’s…fall?  Oh, never mind!)


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Banana Pancakes | Jack Johnson

After a long week of consistently late nights filled with schoolwork, meetings and studying in the midst of midterms, relaxation is key.  What’s more comforting than lyrics referencing lying in bed all day and eating yummy food?  Nothing.


Bonfire Heart | James Blunt

This song is filled with calming chords that will de-stress you almost immediately. Take a listen and see for yourself!


Scarecrow | Alex & Sierra

Less mellow than the other songs on our list, “Scarecrow” is perfect for new beginnings and good moods.  Plus, as haunted houses, apple orchards and corn mazes (OH MY!) increase in popularity, having a song titled “Scarecrow” is a must in our list of recommendations.


Home | Edward Sharp & The Magnetic Zeros

As you plug in your ear buds on your walk home from class this fall semester, play this song to remind you of how great your school—your very own “Home”—truly is.  Be grateful.


Work Song | Hozier

Because of the depth of his voice, any of Hozier’s works are perfect for the upcoming season, especially this one.


Hero | Family of the Year

The relaxing vibe of Family of the Year’s song is just right for fall.  The combination of lyrics and melody work together in perfect harmony.


Sweater Weather | The Neighborhood

With a title like this one and lyrics that describe rainy, fall weather and cozy scenarios with your significant other, it’s impossible not to include this song on our list!


(Photo courtesy of http://www/blog.groopdealz.com)


That’s all for our selections!  If you are aching for more fall tunes, this playlist will be the place to go: https://play.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/6NCfeirBIrZfYcs9kwnS3x

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