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Silly Things People Say To You When You And Your SO Have An Age Gap

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year now. We have six year age gap (I’m now 21 and he’s now 27). While it isn’t a big deal to us, a lot of people that I come into casual contact with seem fairly perturbed by this and say a lot of interesting comments about it to me.

  1. “Oh, that’s not that bad.”

Oh thanks. We don’t think so either.


2. The Face

Well, no one asked you.

3. The higher voice people get when they’re trying to act cool. 

Your uncomfortableness is making me uncomfortable.

4. “You must be so mature.”

Yes, as every 21 year old is. I totally don’t eat pizza with no pants on in bed. Nope, not me.


5.  “What do you even talk about?”

What do you talk about with your significant other? Oh wait, that’s probably none of my business… if you catch my drift.


6. “Is that weird?”


Yes, I’ve spent the last year in a relationship with someone who makes me feel uncomfortable. I’ve just been waiting for a casual acquaintence to talk to about it. 


7. “How did you guys even meet?”


We met at work. We were in different departments. I may have been an intern and he may have been a full time employee. But, we didn’t start dating until my internship was over. 


8. “Is that legal?”


Yes, we’re six years apart, but we’re both still adults. We started dating when he was 26 and I was about to be 20.


9. “So, is it serious?”

It’s as serious as I want it to be. 


10. “But, does he want to have kids?”

Yikes, I’m too young to have kids now. I don’t want to think about this at all.


11. “Are you guys going to get married?”


I don’t know the future.


12. “Oh, it must be nice to date a guy who knows what he wants.”


Yeah, it really is. He doesn’t play games (which I know a lot of college students do), he understands the value of being a gentleman (which a lot of college students do not) and his priorities are in line (career, friends, girlfriend, etc.). Dating an older guy may not work for everyone (especially if you find it weird), but it works pretty well for us. 

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