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Happy autumn, yes the fancy version of fall, because that’s how I feel when I light my candles- fancy. This season is filled with pumpkins, falling leaves and colder weather that needs to be warmed up with the scents of the season. I am not talking about those pricy Bath and Body Works candles (although most of those end up being some of the longest lasting). I am talking more in regards to those $4.96 Walmart candles that never fail to blow my mind when it comes to scent factors. 

Scent Factor: The way I am going to be rating these candles, 1-5 on the scent factor scale.

Mahogany Fig

Yes, the name of this candle sounds like it’s expensive, and although it comes in a fancier display, it’s maroon-stained glass and it’s elegant gold lid is just home to a lackluster. I would describe it more like an apple with a hint of burnt. This is the more expensive of the Walmart candles ringing in at $8.94, for that price at Walmart I expected more. Rating ⅖. 

Fall Farmhouse

This candle is more basic, there is the $3.86 version as well as the $4.96 sizes. Once again, more in the apple range, it is a bit sourer than the already mentioned Mahogany Fig. This seems like a candle that would be perfect for a crisp fall day, but it could be a scent you could get sick of after a while. I rate this one a high ⅘

Pumpkin Spice

A classic, we all know the smell, but for a large candle for $4.96 you can’t beat it if this is a smell you love. The classic scent of the season is the same in this Walmart candle, this is one that I light for about 20 minutes- any longer and you could end up with a bit of a headache, but that’s just me. Rating ⅗

Warm Fall Leaves

There is a way that this candle makes me feel, happy, I love something different and this is it. Rainy with a hint of a distant spice, it is just different from most of those pumpkin/vanilla fall candles. It really makes you think, “hey, this does smell like fall”. Rating 4.5/5

Carmel Butterscotch

I am going to be honest, this is a no for me. I am not really one to just completely dislike something, but with all honesty, this one smells like someone hit you in the face with candy breath. I would suggest if you are into vanilla/caramel smell you could light this one for around 3 minutes but any longer than that, well….I feel like your room will be sticky by association. Rating ⅕

fall home decor
Original photo by Ellie Wilkie

Enjoy autumn and enjoy all the scents you love, even if I don’t like them. Just remember you can get some cheap favorites at almost any store but I personally think the best value might be…Great Value.

Carly Getter is a Junior in the Communications Sciences and Disorders major at Ohio University with plans to become an audiologist. She loves to read, drink coffee, and love on her bunny Keeto!