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Seasonal Depression (Except I blame the summer)

I’m not your average girl. I’m not excited about going to the beach, or laying out and getting tan (although I do enjoy a nice spray tan). What excites me is when the leaves start to fall or when it snows for the first time of the year.

I’ve officially diagnosed myself. With seasonal depression.

Throughout my life, I’ve heard adults complaining about how they become sad or fatigued during the cold months. I never understood, but then it finally hit me this year. I am NOT a summer person. When it’s 80 degrees and humid out, you will find me snuggled up in bed with my fan on BLAST. Going to the pool with friends used to excite me in middle school, but now what excites me are nice, relaxing nights in with my friends and a nice glass of wine.

I do not enjoy sweating. I do not enjoy wearing shorts and tank tops. I am much more comfortable in a jacket and leggings cuddled up in a blanket, because I can be, and because it won’t make me sweat my ass off.

The reasons why the fall and winter seasons make me happy are endless. The atmosphere is so much more relaxed, and peaceful. When the leaves start to fall, the outdoors become tranquil and honestly, beautiful. The snow is another story. That first snow fall of the year brings butterflies to my stomach. That means Christmas is shortly approaching, and who doesn’t love Christmas?

So, contrary to popular belief, it is possible to have seasonal depression and no, it doesn’t have to be caused by the cold weather. I can one hundred percent attest to the fact that summer months leave me feeling unhappy, frustrated and sweaty.

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