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Recap: “The Bachelor” Finale Part 1 Big Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

*Contains Spoilers*

This week’s episode was the first part finale to Pilot Pete’s season, narrowing down on his choice between the final two women: Madison and Hannah Ann. The episode was shown in segments between the live audience who was also viewing the show, with host Chris Harrison making commentary between the segments. 

The episode began with Peter talking with his parents about his final two relationships–where he mentioned his conflicts with Madison regarding their intimacy and the fact that she hasn’t expressed her love for him yet.

The family first met Hannah Ann, who got very emotional in describing her feelings for Peter. She then had a private conversation with both Peter’s father and mother, who each had a clearly positive impression of her. 

Big moment #1: lessening the tension

The next day, Madison and Peter had a very serious conversation, before even meeting with his family. Madison expressed feeling very hurt and frustrated after their prior interactions from last week, where Peter had confessed to being intimate with Hannah Ann and Victoria F. on the fantasy suite dates. She opened up about how her confidence and security in their relationship were diminished, to which Peter apologized for, however, he asked for clarification on how she even feels about him. Despite their conflict, the two each made respectful, honest, and valid points to one another. Madison stated that she currently feels as though she is “hanging by a thread” and that she needs to “feel at peace” about the situation, but she is unsure how to mend it. The two got very emotional but ended their conversation on a positive note–where Madison told Peter she loved him and they agreed to move forward.

Afterward, they went to meet his family, where they (awkwardly) discussed their conflict regarding their intimacy. Madison then spoke with Peter’s father, who was very visibly touched by her words about Peter and her aspirations for Peter’s future. 

Big moment #2: the opinionated family

Peter’s family seemed to nitpick on the differences between Peter and Madison, namely Peter’s brother and mother, who critiqued their lifestyle variations. However, Peter told the camera that he is “crazy in love” with her.

Later, Peter talked with his mother where she shockingly said that Madison was not there for him. He had an intense conversation with his family, where they were boldly doubtful and assertive about their opinions towards Madison. We finally got to see the infamous teaser scene where Peter’s mother said “don’t let her go” — however, it was surprisingly about Hannah Ann. This angered Peter deeply, as he felt they were very against him and did not understand his relationship with Madison. To the cameras, however, he said he loved her more than anything, disregarding his family’s views.

Big moment #3: the departure

A couple days later, Madison and Peter have a final one-on-one date, where they had a picnic outside. Madison was honest with Peter and articulated that even though they love each other, their perception of each other may be fogged. Due to their differences, Madison said that she is fearful for their future if they were to be together, clearly influenced by her interactions with his family. In a saddening conclusion, Madison decided it would be best for her to leave as she felt they are not compatible. The two had a saddening goodbye and Peter was left incredibly disheartened.

The next day, Peter met with Chris Harrison, where he conveyed his emotional tribulations about Madison leaving and how he felt about moving forward.

Big moment #4: the clear uncertainty

Later on, Peter had his final one-on-one date with Hannah Ann, where they bottle-fed some adorable kangaroos. During their date, Hannah Ann noticed that something was off about him. At dinner, Peter touched on his confusion, and Hannah Ann stated she was hurt by his lack of certainty toward her, as the following day is the proposal.

In the final moments, Chris mentioned that we have not seen the last of Madison and we got a glimpse into tomorrow night’s final episode, which is promised to be unexpected.

Lauren Serge

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