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Recap: “The Bachelor” Episode 5 Big Moments

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

*Contains Spoilers*

After the cliffhanger from last week, the three-hour episode resumed on the tension at the cocktail party in Cleveland, where bachelor Peter was conflicted about the issues surrounding Alayah. After pondering, he sent her home for the second time. 

Peter had a much-needed group conversation with the other women, acknowledging his wishy-washy behavior. The rose ceremony finally approached, and four girls were sent home–namely Deandra who expressed feeling so blindsided by her elimination. At the end of the ceremony, it was revealed they will be heading to Costa Rica for the upcoming week.

Big moment #1: Peter’s injury

After arriving, Peter had a noticeable head injury after accidentally smacking his head into a golf cart, and then into a glass. The moment was illustrated humorously through the camera footage.

The first date of the episode was with Sydney, where they had a picnic in the jungle. Per usual, there was very little conversation on this date, but Peter told the cameras there was, “definite chemistry,” between the two. At dinner, she opened up about her childhood, Peter gave her a rose, and they spent a solid 20 minutes making out in the waterfall. 

Meanwhile, a date card arrived at the Costa Rica house announcing a group date. The date’s concept was for Cosmopolitan to photograph images of the girls with Peter, where the winner will get to be on the cover. Awkwardness arose when the girls began kissing Peter in front of the others–making them uncomfortable. Ultimately, Victoria F. won the cover photo shoot. 

Big moment #2: Invasive drama

During the date, Kelsey was noticeably uncomfortable. She got very insecure realizing how Peter’s relationships with other women have progressed. The night before, Kelsey had a meltdown about the stability of her relationship. Frustrated, Tammy (instead of using time with Peter for herself) warned Peter about Kelsey’s emotional behavior, which Peter then brought up to Kelsey–causing a later intense conversation between Kelsey and Tammy where Tammy unnecessarily clocked Kelsey for her drinking habits. (That’s a mouthful.)

Big moment #3: The doubtful choice 

Kelley had the final one-on-one date. Kelley spent a lot of the episode prior to her date appearing very apathetic –she expressed a genuine distaste for the tropes of the show, which as a viewer, was incredibly refreshing as she exhibited a more so “normal” approach to the absurdity. After a date exploring spiritual connections, Peter called out Kelley’s indifference, to which she argued that he, “rewarded the drama,” in the house. (Cue applause for Kelley). Ultimately, he offered her a rose. 

Big moment #4: No cocktail party 

Kelsey surprised Peter at his place, trying to explain the drama between her and Tammy. After a heartfelt discussion, Peter gave her a rose. When she returned, the girls were noticeably annoyed. However, the biggest shock of the night for the ladies was Peter cancelling the cocktail party and going straight to the rose ceremony. The ladies were distraught about having less time with Peter–specifically Tammy who was paranoid about Kelsey influencing Peter’s opinion of her. 

As their anger increased, the ladies had a heated fight where they exposed Tammy for spreading unnecessary drama about Kelsey due to her relationship with Peter not progressing. 

Big moment #5: The interruption and the makeshift cocktail party

To everyone’s surprise, right before Peter began to give out roses, Tammy interrupted him to clear her name. After seeing her take the chance, Mykenna also chose to speak briefly with Peter. The remaining girls seeing their behavior were understandably frustrated in their attempts to squeeze in time that Peter had specifically chosen to not give them with the removal of the cocktail party. 

In the end, the two women’s efforts did seem to alter Peter’s instincts, as they both ended up receiving the final two roses, to the shock of the rest of the group. The show ended with Lexi and Shiann being sent home–the latter giving Peter a stern warning about the lack of authenticity in the remaining girls’ personalities. 

The episode concluded with a preview to a special episode airing this Wednesday. 

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