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Ranking Tracks Olivia Rodrigo’s Album “Guts”

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Olivia Rodrigo released her new album “Guts” last Friday, and it did not disappoint. The album is composed of moments that will make you laugh, cry, scream and smile. “Guts” perfectly encapsulates the realities of transitioning from teenage to adult life through navigating relationships and gaining a new independence. Rodrigo brilliantly describes these events through song. She has crafted an album that many can relate to, especially those in college. After a week of listening to each song over and over again, I have finally compiled a ranking of the songs on the album. I will be sharing my favorites and least favorites of “Guts.”


Olivia Rodrigo Guts

Photo credit: Pitchfork

In this song, Rodrigo talks about how sometimes love just doesn’t make sense. The song is very nicely written; however, it just doesn’t connect too much with me. Perhaps the song will grow on me over time, but, for now, I would rather listen to other tracks on the album.

Favorite lyric: “Cause if rain don’t pour and sun don’t sun don’t shine/ then changing you is possible”

love is embarrassing

This song kind of reminds me of a song you would hear in the early 2000s. “Love is embarrassing” is about how sometimes people do some pretty stupid things for love. It’s another great song that didn’t resonate with me, but it’s a great listen and fun to bang your head to.

Favorite lyric: “I give up, give up/ but I keep coming back for more”

get him back!

Olivia Rodrigo VMA Performance Stage GettyImages 1661148251 H 2023


I had a very hard time arranging the next 10 songs on the list. “Get him back!” was one of those songs that bounced around on the list for a while. The drumstick clicks at the beginning of the song remind me of the opening of “Midnight Memories” by One Direction. “Get him back!” is a fun song and perfectly encapsulates the complicated rollercoaster of emotions that happen after a breakup. The song itself definitely takes you on that rollercoaster ride as well.

Favorite lyric: “I wanna break his heart/ then be the one to stitch it up”

making the bed

A song that makes you think is always a good one. This is what Rodrigo’s song “making the bed” does so well. The song describes how sometimes people make choices that may not always be the best. The song almost personifies the famous saying, “You’ve made your bed, and now, you must lie in it.” Making mistakes is a part of growing up, and realizing those mistakes can be the bravest thing someone can do.

Favorite lyric: “Counting all of the beautiful things I regret”

ballad of a homeschooled girl

Livy Slaying

Photo Credit: Larissa Hoffman

This song is the definition of angst. The struggle to fit in is so prominent in today’s world. Olivia uses examples like hating all her clothes and telling secrets she shouldn’t tell as ways she feels don’t fit in. Something I love about her songs is that, even though she’s a pop star, they bring her down-to-earth. Every teen and young adult struggles to fit in sometimes, and the relatability of this song makes it a total banger.

Favorite lyric: “I’m on the outside of the greatest inside joke”


“Lacy” is Rodrigo’s image of the “ideal girl.” The song reminds me of “Jealousy, Jealousy” from Olivia’s first album “Sour,” which I thought deserved way more recognition when it first came out. Olivia describes her feelings of envy in a more whimsical-sounding approach to its debut album counterpart. It’s another extremely relatable song, and I think that is something that this album in general did so well with.

Favorite lyric: “I’m feeling your compliments like bullets on my skin”

pretty isn’t pretty

For me, this song is so important because of the beauty standards that have been set in today’s world. Olivia explains in this song that the standards are simply unrealistic. She explains how she can change all these things about herself, but insecurities will still win. Everyone has probably felt this way at some point or another, but I hope that everyone out there knows how pretty they are. :)

Favorite lyric: “I could change up my body and change up my face/ I could try every lipstick in every shade”



Photo Credit: Olivia Rodrigo/still from “vampire”

“Vampire” is the lead single on this fantastic album. When it came out in June of this year, I knew this album would be something to look forward to. The bridge of the song is probably one of my favorites of the album. Any listener can feel the anger and betrayal Olivia poured into this song. I really love the pop/rock inspiration Olivia took for this album, and I think readers will notice that in my higher-ranked songs.

Favorite lyric: “You can’t love anyone/ cuz that would mean you have a heart”

all-American b*tch

What a way to open an album! This song starts off with a chill guitar riff, and then, it comes in with a bang. The song picks up, the drum starts going, and Sophia (that’s me!) falls in love with this album all over again. This song really just makes you want to scream every word of the chorus. It’s a great opener to the album, and it really sets the bar for what’s to come.

Favorite lyric: “I know my age and I act like it”

the grudge

We have finally arrived in my top three favorite songs on the album. And how could any album be complete without the staple crying song? “The grudge” is beautifully written and definitely a fan favorite. The melancholy ballad is a powerful way to begin to close out the album as it is the 10th song of the 12. It really brings on another whirlwind of emotions just like we saw on some of the other piano tracks on the album. I love this song, and that’s why I think it earns spot three.

Favorite lyric: “Your flowers filled with vitriol/ you build me up to watch me fall”

bad idea right?


Photo Credit: Youtube

When I found out the opening song led into this, I let out a gasp. “All-American b*tch” seamlessly transitions into the second song on Rodrigo’s album “bad idea right?” This is such a fun song to blast in the car or dance to with your friends. It describes the inner turmoil that goes on in Olivia’s head as she wonders if it’s a bad idea to go see her ex. That debate gave the world this amazing song that I think will be on replay for some time.

Favorite lyric: “But, god, when I look at you/ my brain goes ‘ahhhhh'”

teenage dream


Photo Credit: Clash Magazine

And, finally, my number one song. “Teenage dream” is the perfect song for a girl finally leaving behind her teenage years and growing up. For me, it’s a song I can really relate to right now as I’m transitioning from high school to college. I love the way that this song brings closure to the album. To me, it’s the perfect conclusion. If you have the chance, definitely listen to this song. I won’t give away too much, but it is sure to bring a few tears to your eyes.

Favorite lyric: “When am I gonna stop being wise beyond my years/ and just start being wise?”

Overall, Rodrigo released a brilliant album, and I cannot wait to see what she creates next.

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