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Pinterest Has You Covered

Ever find yourself digging through your brain for an idea and you’re just stuck? Typically when people cannot find the answer in their head they turn to the internet for some assistance. One website that is pretty familiar, but sometimes forgotten about, is Pinterest. Personally, I have always relied on Pinterest for when I’m looking for something new and “out of the box.” Whether I’m searching for clothes, crafts, gift ideas, or recipes, Pinterest has unique ideas for it all. You name it and Pinterest will find pins that match your search. I have complied some of my favorite ideas. Go ahead and take a break from studying or homework and see what else there is to be found on the website!

Gifts Ideas

Coming up with a creative gift for someone’s birthday can be difficult, but there are hundreds of new and thoughtful ideas offered. Here is an easy do it yourself gift idea, “50 things I love about you.” A perfect gift for friends or family! Simply write out the list on popsicle sticks, place them in a jar and finish it off with cute ribbon decorations.


Exercise Guides

Looking for a workout routine? Pinterest even offers tips and schedules to help those looking to get into shape. Here is a schedule that breaks the workouts down day-by-day, which will help to keep you on track.




If there is a time you need some cheering up, need to take a break from work, or just want a good laugh, Pinterest also has a humor section. Here you can find several pictures, drawings, and jokes that will give anyone a laugh and brighten their day. How can you not smile when you see minions?




What girl doesn’t like delicious foods and drinks? No matter the occasion, there are so many creative and easy recipes to be found. This simple three-step recipe for fruit popsicles is a perfect, healthy and refreshing snack, especially on those hot summer days.      


Tattoo Inspirations

Have you wanted  a tattoo for a while now, but can’t seem to make a decision on what to get? Pinterest has you covered with tons of pictures of tattoo ideas!  


Decorating Ideas

Whether looking for inspiration for decorations for your room at home, or for your dorm, there are hundreds of creative ideas! They range from bedding to wall decorations, offering plenty of DIY paintings, hanging decorations and storage compartments.

Helpful Advice

Pinterest even offers advice! If you need to know how to prepare for a test or an interview, there are several “quick tips,” that can be found on the website. Helpful need to know questions and answers can be found, making sure you are equipped to land the interview or ace the exam.

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