Have you ever shoved a tampon up your shirt sleeve and waddled to the bathroom so people didn’t know you were on your period? Have you ever quietly whispered in your bffs ear “girl do you have a tampon in your purse?” Ya same, but why? Let’s talk about periods and why, as women, we are still self-conscious about them. Periods are a gift (by gift I mean curse) that graces all women; therefore, it is time to stop being embarrassed by our periods.

I believe the reason that women may be self-conscious about our own menstruation boils down to one thing, three letters, men. Why are men so grossed out by our periods anyway? It isn’t like they have to deal with a horrid week once a month. Men do not have to experience Niagara Falls between their legs when they sneeze, red-stained panties, or the repetitive feeling of being punched by a million-trillion tiny needles in the tummy; so why are males so pressed over our periods? Did men forget that they were once the tiny egg inside of their mothers? Also, isn’t it wild how men will only talk about our periods if they wanna insinuate that we are pmsing. NO. You probably just put me in a bad mood, thank you, next. Imagine if instead of men being freaked out by our periods if they offered to buy us sanitary products and chocolate. LOL, we can dream. Some may say that men are not the reason women are insecure, and this could very well be true. I don’t have the answers, I only have my own opinions. But woman to woman, we all know and have lived the struggles, so why fret over a fellow sisters’ time of the month?

It is time to stop being ashamed by our periods and start speaking up. I am not saying stand on a table and profess to the world that you’re bleeding from your vagina. I am merely stating you should speak up when you want to and stop being so flustered in front of others. If your professor doesn’t let you use the restroom tell them you need to change your pad, tampon, or diva cup! Complain to your friends about your cramps no matter their gender. Ask a crowded room if anyone has a sanitary product if you can’t locate one between your friend group. Walk down that feminine product aisle with your head held high. Periods are natural and we should not be so mortified for people to know we are on them. Oh, by the way, I wrote this article while on my period.