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Patrick DiDonato: Cancer Research Fundraiser

Patrick DiDonato, Environmental Health Science major, recently started a fundraiser for breast cancer research. After seeing an ad for a T-shirt fundraiser, he’s designed the T-shirt (pictured below), which can be bought here. All funds are going directly to the American Cancer Society.

Patrick said, “You don’t actually have to buy a shirt to contribute, I have added an option to donate to the website which will also be added to the funds raised.”

The fundraiser ends on March 31, and shirts will be delivered by April 14, so spread the word about this amazing opportunity to make a difference!

“I’ve always wanted to try and make an impact in breast cancer research,” Patrick said, “but obviously not being a doctor and not being rich has held me back. I’ve always been able to make smaller donations here and there, but once I saw the possibility to make and sell shirts, I had to jump on it to try and make a difference on a larger scale.”

Meredith is a junior at Ohio University and Campus Coorespondent for Her Campus Ohio U. She is majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Marketing. Her hobbies include dreaming about traveling, drinking unhealthy amounts of coffee, and driving her pink car. You can follow her on Twitter (@Mere_Broadwater) and Instagram (@meredithbroad).
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