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An Open Letter to Incoming College Freshmen

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

To the incoming college freshmen:

Oh, quit freaking out. You’re going to college! Go in prepared! Go in with an open mind, be open to new things, be open to new people. Don’t close yourself off to something just because you aren’t used to it.

But really, first off, join a dang club. Any type of organization will do. Maybe a good idea is something that fits in with your major. If you don’t have your major picked out yet, DO NOT WORRY. I promise you can involve yourself in every college and somehow still manage to decide which subjects interest you the most. Go undecided if you’re unsure of what to do and I PROMISE you will eventually find your way. You’ll figure it out. The key is to not force anything.

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Oh yeah, STUDY. And just because your first semester classes aren’t necessarily difficult, trust me, they will get difficult. So don’t slack! Get yourself in a nice routine, so you’re prepared and ready for anything. Spend some time at the library– don’t let yourself be a stranger. Group work is also always a good option and a way to make new friends! You never know what best friends you can make just by being in similar classes and having shared interests.

Besides the whole “school scheme of things,” there’s a whole lot more that goes into your freshman year. Roommates, staying clean, staying organized, and most importantly STAYING HEALTHY. Bring your vitamins. Try to choose a few days a week to exercise. Try to eat healthy (and no, I’m not saying you can’t throw in a chocolate chip cookie or ice cream sundae every once in a while). Don’t share drinks, cups, utensils, etc. Clean up your room (take turns with your roommates, they will thank you!) But, really, being healthy goes a long way. Trust me. You don’t want that freshman plague. But hey, if it just so happens that you DO get sick over and over again, don’t be upset about missing out on some events. You still have another three whole years and taking care of yourself is a whole lot more important than posting a cute Instagram picture.

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As for staying clean and staying organized, adjust your room exactly how you’ll like it as soon as you get there. Don’t stress though, it’s not that hard. Think of it as being fun! Think of it as moving into your first ever house, rather than a dorm that you have to share a community bathroom with 30 other girls. Dedicate your desk drawers to cosmetics, hygiene products, makeup, etc. Make sure your closet stays neat, so you don’t find yourself freaking out every weekend when you can’t find your dang black jeans. Set up your shoes strategically. Your jewelry too! And guess what the best part of dorm living is? The amount of options you’ll have when you eventually run out of clothes. Even if you don’t fit into your roommate’s favorite black dress, I’m sure there’s gotta be somebody on your floor you can borrow something totally cute from.

And lastly, HAVE FUN. Take a ton of pictures. Take a ton of videos. Who cares if you’re being annoying. You came to college to have fun and there’s nothing wrong with that (except, don’t forget to call your parents every once in a while and THANK them for giving you this opportunity.) Don’t forget about your friends and siblings back home either, it’s not hard to send a text or FaceTime every once in a while. Keeping in touch with your life back home will give you a sense of something great because you’re growing up. You’re away, living on your own, but you have so many supporters here for you through it all. And throughout this journey you’re about to call your college years, they’re rooting you on. And you know who else is? Me.

But seriously, don’t forget to study!

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