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My favorite time of the year is almost over, winter! I love winter so much, especially up north but in Athens it is not necessarily my favorite. I would say in Athens, fall is my favorite but my overall favorite season is winter!

1. sibling rivalry

Sibling Rivalry is a podcast that features Bob the Drag Queen and Monet X Change where they talk practically about anything. Sometimes it’s recent events, sometimes it’s about other drag queens, influencers, or memories. They are hilarious and reminds me of my friends at home that I can laugh and joke with so much. You can find it on anywhere you get podcasts…I use apple podcasts!

2. will trent

Hulu came out with a new series called “Will Trent” which is a crime series that follows the main character, Will Trent, and his genius in figuring out crimes. It starts out with limited knowledge about how Will Trent snitched on other cops and got them retired, which is the first major crime you can commit against the force. Throughout the episodes he is slowly accepted back into the cop community, but it is a very slow process. It’s so intriguing and I just love crime shows to be honest.

3. Valentines day

I used to be a Valentine’s Day HATER but this year I have just fallen in love with the holiday. I love the pinks, reds, purples and how you can spread love to your friends, family and significant others. The cliché that it is just for lovers is so not true because Valentine’s Day is all about love and not all love is just romantic!! This year my friends and I are doing an old school valentines exchange where we walk around and drop valentines in decorated paper bags! I just love all the things that are super girly about it!

4. the dollar store

I don’t know about you guys, but the Dollar Store here in Athens hits different! It’s huge and they have such cute things…there’s like a whole craft aisle! The decorations for holidays are so cute and not trashy and I am so in love with it! It hits different here!!

5. Anna laura sullivans art!

Anna makes the cutest illustrations!!! I especially love her monkey series where two monkey buddies are just hanging out doing fun stuff! Every time they come on my page they bring me so much joy.

6. mellogreek

For those of you who don’t know, I am in a music fraternity for everyone except men called Sigma Alpha Iota. Because we are not as large as sororities like Delta Gamma, it can be harder finding merch that is cute for us to wear, but MelloGreek on Etsy solved that problem for me! I have a really nice Van Gogh sunflower inspired letters shirt and they also have a Starry Night pattern and so many more fun patterns! I literally am so obsessed!

7. Johanna parker

Johanna Parker is an artist and designer that makes holiday inspired decor and characters. I personally have been obsessed with her ever since I went to Salem last summer, where they sell so many items of hers. I love little things with faces on them and just find it all so adorable!

8. daily themed crossword app

I personally am a crossword fanatic so finding an app that helps me when I am finding words hard to figure out is perfect for me. Also, the questions are relevant to the times now and older times, so it is not an outdated app, but also it does not use too much of the new lingo. I personally like the little packs where they are themed like the summertime pack or artists dream pack.

9. embroidery

I recently picked up embroidery to make some of my littles a gift for their initiation for Sigma Alpha Iota and I love it! It is so fun making flowers and vines while watching something like the Great British Baking Show. It is such a good time and Pinterest has so many good tutorials to get started on it.

Hi! I am Maddie and I am from Kent. I love crystals, plants, music, and I am really into chakra cleansing. I hike and do yoga during my free time! My major is music education and my dream job is to be an elementary music teacher. I am in a treble ensemble called Bella Voce, a music fraternity called Sigma Alpha Iota, and Nafme!