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It’s back-to-school season, and for many, that means buying new stationery for the year. Here are my favorite fashionable and functional items of the semester!

Kokuyo x Zebra Sarasa Clip Perpanep Pen – 0.5 mm

Pen 4 1

Photo by Yoseka Stationery

I am pretty sure everyone and their grandmothers were obsessed with the Zebra Mildliners during the era of bullet journaling, and this pen is just as iconic. Beyond the minimalist design of the barrel, I’ve had an incredibly smooth writing experience with no ink skips or jumps. The 0.5 mm tip is the perfect size for notetaking, and the ink is dark and opaque. This pen has quickly become my #1 choice when writing!

Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen – Milk Color – 0.5 mm – 8 Colors Set

ZebraSarasaClipGelPen MilkColor 0.5mm

Photo by StationeryPal

Another win from Zebra! My favorite part about these pens is the colors, which are unlike any pastel pens I’ve tried. The ink is vibrant enough to see on lined paper, without being too bright. Plus, Zebra has included white gel ink, perfect for highlighting art projects.

Sharpie S-Gel Pen – Fashion Barrel – Medium Point (0.7 mm)

DC30646 Sharpie Digipack wht 4ct V2

Photo by Sharpie

If you’re looking for a stylish, sleek, smear-less pen, look no further. In my opinion, this is one of the best pens on the market with Sharpie’s bold ink (which comes in both blue and black). The chrome detailing gives a professional, modern edge to the barrel (which is one of my favorite touches!) If I wasn’t a ride-or-die Zebra fan, this would be my #1.

Uni-Ball Emott Fineliner Marker Pens – 0.4 mm – Floral Colors (5 Count)

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Photo by Walmart

If bullet journaling still has you in a chokehold, then I would definitely recommend these marker pens to you, specifically the floral set. The colors are stunning and are perfect for color coordinating with highlighters (which is what I did in my academic planner!)  These were impulse buys, but they have become a staple item on my desk. 

Plus Whiper Mr Correction Tape – Light Pink


Photo by StationeryPal

The one downside to being an avid pen user is I make a lot of writing mistakes. However, this correction tape is my bestie. The application is very easy, and you can purchase refills (which are simple to insert). This correction tape also comes in multiple colors to match your style!

Kokuyo Pen Eraser – Pure Sugar (White)

KOKUYO Pencil Eraser Pastel Cookie Series Color Stick Erasers Pen Replenishable Refill Japanese Stationery Office

Photo by Aliexpress

This one is for the pencil girlies. I tend towards pens rather than pencils, but when I need it, this eraser is my go-to. The slim and minimal design makes this eraser ultra-portable. The eraser itself is very pliable, which I think helps it grip the paper and graphite. I will never reach for another pink eraser again. Truly a 10/10. (Plus, it comes in different adorable colors!)

Post-it Super Sticky Notes – Assorted Sizes ­– Supernova Neons, Lined (15 Count)

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Photo by Amazon

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a Post-it note addiction (seriously, I love sticky notes). So, it is no surprise that this 15-pack of Post-its made it on my list. I love writing my to-do lists on lined notes; the smallest ones are great for annotating my current reads!

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