My 5 Favorite Athens, Ohio Coffee Shops

After a few years of living in Athens and going to school here, I’ve developed opinions and routines when it comes to my coffee decisions. Here is my ranking of the coffee shops in Athens:

  1. My all-time favorite, #1 in my heart coffee shop. From delicious coffee options, friendly works, and good vibes make this the best coffee shop to run in for a coffee before class or to spend hours while doing work with friends.

  2. Donkey is a quirky 2-story coffee shop full of seating, delicious food, fair-trade coffee, and often live performances. This is a great place to sit and chat with friends, watch a band perform, or get homework done. As an added plus, they’re typically open 24 hours/day during finals week!

  3. Located off-campus, Catalyst Cafe offers inexpensive coffee drinks, Village Bakery & Cafe’s sweet and saviour treats, and great views of the Hocking River and White’s Mill. This is a great option for students who want to get off campus for a little to have some quiet time doing homework in a location away from the majority of students.

  4. Towns End Coffee Bar is a must stop before I get onto U.S. Route 33 heading home to Cleveland. Their delicious coffee and bakery items are a quick grab when on the go.

  5. 5. Peet's at Steeped & Stirred in Jefferson Market

    If we’re talking on-campus coffee shops, we should all know that the Peet’s coffee served at Steeped and Stirred in Jefferson Market is the best coffee on campus over Seattle’s Best in Cafe Biblioteca and Starbucks served in the Front Room and South Side Espresso Bar.