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The Mindy Project

One of the best shows that just premiered (so it’s not too late to catch up!) is Mindy Kaling’s brainchild, “The Mindy Project.”
Playing the main title character, Kaling is a late 20s/early 30s OB/GYN and the show follows her life — all quirks, meltdowns, love stories and squabbles with coworkers included. Although there have only been two episodes of “The Mindy Project,” its Twitter page has amassed over 7,000 followers as of Wednesday. Can you say “cult classic?”
Kaling’s character is obsessed with finding true love, and while attempting to find Joe Fox to her Kathleen Kelly, no romance movie is safe from her poetic daydreams. (“You’ve Got Mail,” for those of you who are not up to date and best romantic comedies)
Channeling humor from her “Office” days, “The Mindy Project” is perfect for any college student who is looking for a laugh during the week.

Senior magazine journalism and Spanish major at Ohio University.
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