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If you are like me, then the first sign of Autumn weather is full of happiness and pure joy. The second a cool Autumn breeze blows, in comes all the fun activities Autumn and the many holidays this season has to offer. 

Autumn time brings forth a change in the year where it gets colder out, which means it’s time for fan-favorite attire of sweaters, crewnecks, fuzzy socks and everything in between. This season is such a cozy season, where you can sit outside and enjoy it without melting under the sun or getting frostbite. 

To me, this is the best season because the atmosphere is full of vibrancy and color. Even the scenery is beautiful, full of reds, greens, browns and oranges are seen from the trees, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, bonfires, etc. Autumn gives off the feeling of warmth and comfort. 

As far as the activities that Autumn offers, I feel like you can never have a dull moment because there is so much you could do during Autumn. 

 Hanging by The Fire Pit

I know you can also have bonfires during the other seasons, but the feeling of sitting around a fire on a cool night in September or October is unmatched. Just curling up by the fire, playing some good music, sipping on apple cider, and roasting marshmallows for s’mores. That is a night well spent, and a perfect way to make the most of the season.

Going to A Pumpkin Patch

Getting all dressed up in a fun, comfy fall outfit and heading to a pumpkin patch is always a good time. Normally the scenery is amazing, so it’s a fun photo opportunity just asking to be taken advantage of. Once you find the perfect pumpkin, you can go the traditional route and carve it into a face or cool design, or you can choose to do the new trend on Pinterest of painting the pumpkin instead. I think both ways are cute and fun, but personally, my favorite part of pumpkin picking is cooking the seeds. That just means I would recommend doing one carving and one painting.

Halloween Themed Movies

As an avid movie lover of almost all genres, I think it is perfectly acceptable to watch any holiday movie throughout the year. Who cares if you want to watch a Halloween movie in May or a Christmas movie in August? It is nice, though, when the season matches the mood. When the leaves are falling from the trees and the air if full of Autumn wind, it is the perfect time to grab a blanket and curl up with a bowl of popcorn and some candy corn to watch season favorites like HalloweentownCasper and The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Go on A Nature Walk or Hike

For those that love to hike and walk on trails, Autumn is a perfect season to do so. It gives you a few more months of perfect weather before it turns really cold and snowy. With the weather a nice breezy coolness, you will not be scorched down by the heat mixed with the sun. The scenery will also be an added bonus to the trip. It wouldn’t hurt to stop for a quick picnic on the trip to take in the Autumn day. 

Even though this Autumn might look and feel a little different, there are still so many of the best fall activities that are still an option. As a fellow Autumn lover, I would be pained losing my favorite season and all the activities it has to offer.

Grace Gold is a sophomore at Ohio University studying journalism in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. She stays busy as a Scripps Innovation Scholar, while also working at Bobcat Depot and being an active member in her sorority. She still loves to make time for her family, spending time with her friends, reading as often as she can and watching great tv shows and movies.
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