Lindsey and Brennan: Costume Contest Competitors

Brennan Wozniak and Lindsey Lemons are a senior and junior, respectively, who wore coordinating costumes last year for HallOUween. The precious picture they had taken while they were in their adorable costumes landed them in top ranks in a local costume contest. This year, they have yet another plan to wear a couple’s costume and dominate the competition. Be sure to keep your eyes out for the adorable (and very silly) couple this weekend at the HallOUween block party.


What costumes did you two wear last year?

BW: I have the right to remain silent.

LL: Last year we were Minnie and Mickey. Shut up, Brennan.


What contests did you enter?

BW: We entered two.

LL: We entered two? I just know of the D.P. Dough one.

BW: There was another one … another random online one.


What placement did you make in the contest? Were you winners? Second place?

BW: Everyone is a winner.

LL: Second. Yeah, we got second in the D.P. Dough one. We lost to a group of Sims.


How did you find out about this/these contests?

LL: I think just on Facebook, because I liked the D.P. Dough page. They posted that they were having a Halloween costume contest and you could win $50 and I was like “holla.”

BW: 50 dolla made us holla.


Do you plan to enter any Halloween contests this year?

LL: If D.P. Dough has one, then yes, definitely. If we could take pictures at an undisclosed location, then we would totally win.


Can you disclose your plans for your Halloween costumes?

LL: I mean …

BW: When is this being published?

LL: (to Brennan) Can we? I feel like we should.

BW: Let’s just say, it gets the people going.

LL: What?

BW: Nobody knows what it means.

LL: We’re dancing to one song, and one song only. Lady humps, by the Black Eyed Peas.


What is your favorite Halloween movie?

LL: Halloween Town, any of them. Love ‘em.

BW: I’m still thinking.

BW: Charlie Brown Halloween.

LL: It’s the great pumpkin, Charlie Brown! That’s so cute!


Thanks for chatting with us. HCxo!