Life-Long Friends

When I think about Ohio University, one of the top five things that comes to my mind is my friends. I came to this University without knowing anyone but after a few months, three girls from my learning community became my best friends and after a year of knowing them, I know they are my best friends for life. Each of them offers a different personality which makes our time together interesting and gives us someone to turn to in any circumstance we’re in. 

  1. 1. Kayla - The Mom

    Kayla is the one with the wisdom and advice for when we are trying to get our life together. I refer to her as the mom of the group because she has characteristics of a great mother. Kayla is the best cook out of the four of us so whenever it is time for family dinner, Kayla cooks and we clean. Her meals taste like a great home cooked meal without having to drive hours to get some of our mom’s food and for that, I am extremely grateful. Moms are also always there with advice or to just sit and listen to you for hours, this is Kayla. Kayla is the person for us to grab coffee or ice cream with and just let out everything that's on our mind. She’ll listen without interrupting and then gives us great advice, like the advice that your mom or grandma would give you through their years of experience. Kayla is the person for us to turn to when we’re in need of a mother figure.

  2. 2. Grace - The Truth

    Grace is the person who will put us in our place. She is always speaking the truth and can crack a joke at any second. She is also the person who will laugh at us when we fall down (sometimes after she checks on you but do not count on it haha). Grace is the person who we can turn to when we need to think through a decision. She is great at helping us weigh our options and telling us when we are about to make a dumb decision. Grace is also the person to turn to if we are ever feeling slightly crazy. If one of us is trying to look at someone’s Instagram or need to make a call from a different number because we’re blocked, then Grace is our partner in crime. If I’m ever looking for someone’s honest opinion or to get a six pack from laughing, Grace is my go-to. 

  3. 3. Darian - The Goofball

    Darian is the one who will make us smile and be there to hold us when we’re crying. She has a big personality that can sometimes be overwhelming but once you learn how to handle it, you come to appreciate it. If Darian is not doing something to make us laugh, then she is showing us a tweet that she thought was funny (and at this time I’m probably rethinking our friendship lol), or she is making us dance around the room with her to make us feel better. But, if one of us is ever feeling down, Darian will hold us while we cry and scratch our heads. Once we calm down, she’ll remind us how strong we are. Then, we can expect a cute note or piece of chocolate to be waiting for us on our pillow the next morning. Darian is the person for us to turn to when we’re in the mood to dance or need to be held.

Photo provided by Sarah Williams