Letter From The Editor: December

Welcome to December Her Campus readers! We’ve had such an exciting year, with the end of the semester right around the corner. We have had a great semester fun and themed content each and every week. This year we started our first podcast, The Passion Project, hosted by Caitlin Hunt, with episode three being posted this week. 

This November we’ve had a full month of content and amazing social media work. What readers don’t know is the behind the scenes action. Due to Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving break, we’ve only had TWO meetings this entire month! This meant that we had to work hard to stay connected through different means of communication to get different themed content in, as well as just day-to-day Her Campus needs met. 

We have also begun to film for Her Campus Ohio U promo videos these past few meetings! Look forward to some of those to come out either before or after winter break. Which to mention winter break, can you believe we’re already talking about it? We have just one more week of classes (normal content) and finals week (winter/holiday-themed content) before campus becomes empty and everyone ventures home for the holidays.

Over winter break, while we won’t be posting content, we will be working on planning out our spring semester. This included picking a meeting time, reserving a room, and getting information out to students who might be interested in joining Her Campus in the spring. We will also continue our search for the next President and Campus Correspondent, who will be picked early spring semester so they can learn their new role!

If you as a reader have any questions for me about absolutely anything or are interested in joining our Her Campus chapter at Ohio University, reach out to our email [email protected] and I’ll respond through a letter!


Hannah Moskowitz