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Letter From the Editor: April 2021

Dear Reader, 


This week marks the end of the 2020-2021 school year. This week, Ohio University students will take exams, and some will graduate and move on into the adult world. Either way, students will remember this school year for a lot of reasons. With this being my last letter from the editor, I want to take some time to reflect on the past year, share about the future of HCOU, and give thanks. 

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This school year presented many challenges for us, Bobcats. The majority of us remained taking online classes, meaning we had to balance our own online schedules with our roommates and family. We had to find ways to stay connected with our clubs and friends even though miles separate us. Every student and school administrator was diagnosed with Zoom fatigue and burnout at some point during the school year. Yet, everyone found different ways to cope with the extra school time. I think everyone will take a big sigh of relief when that final exam is completed or that last project is done. Hopefully, everyone will take a well-deserved break this summer by doing some activities that they love. With vaccines rolling out, we can also have a more fun summer with loved ones and make plans for a mostly normal, in-person Fall semester. 

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Then there is the other group of students, the graduates. I am honored to be in the graduating class of 2021. This was not how we imagined wrapping up our senior year. While we lacked the freedom to fully say goodbye and live our final year to the fullest, I’m sure everyone was able to find closure to move to the next chapter of their career. I am so proud of my fellow classmates and all their accomplishments. I know we will each make our mark on the world. 


As a graduate, that means I must pass the torch and title of Her Campus at Ohio University to a new leader. I have the great honor of passing the mantle to Lauren Serge. Lauren is an incredible writer and leader. She has done an excellent job as VP/Co-CC, and I have no doubt that she will continue to lead the chapter with great grace. I am so excited to see what the team completes next. 


Finally, I want to thank all of our loyal readers and Her Campus. As a sophomore, I was looking for an outlet that was fun, open to new ideas, and allowed me to share and develop my own voice. I found all of that with Her Campus. Through Her Campus, I experimented with different story types, celebrated the achievements of women, and made friends with some of the most talented people I know. Her Campus became a place to not only share my talents with the world but also be involved with a group of people who cared and uplifted me as an individual. So, thank you to all the Her Campus members I have ever interacted with. Each one of you has made an impact on who I am as a writer and a person. I’ll never forget your kindness and your support. Thank you to anyone who has ever read one of my stories, scrolled through a “Caitlin’s Pop of Culture,” or even listened to a few seconds of “The Passion Project.” You have made one dreamer and little pop culture nerd happy and heard. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped me during my college journey! I hope I continue to make you proud. Thank you. 



Caitlin Hunt

Caitlin Hunt

Ohio U '21

Caitlin Hunt is a fourth year journalism news and information student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. On campus, Caitlin is involved with the Ohio Fellows, Cru, and is a Templeton Scholar. She has served as a TODAY Show intern and a NAJA fellow. In her free time, she takes in as much pop culture as she can! She is always watching tv shows and movies, listening to music and obsessing over the latest Broadway musical. Check out her monthly blog, Caitlin's Pop of Culture to see what she's watching!
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