Last-Minute Halloween Marathon You Can Stream

It’s never too late to have a marathon this Halloween season. As long as you have some snacks and excitement to binge some movies, you’re all set. Here are the best Halloween movies you can quickly stream to have the perfect movie marathon.


Through your Hulu subscription, the best Halloween movies and shows to include in your marathon include:

“Sabrina: The Teenage Witch” (the 1996 TV series)

The “Halloweentown” Series through Live TV


While limited, your HBO GO subscription will get you access to a scary and full movie marathon of the CLASSIC “Halloween” movies 1-3.


Your Netflix subscription will give your Halloween marathon the largest amount of possibilities from movies to shows to get your full spook on. Some of the best options include:

The “Scream” Movies 1-3

“American Horror Story” Seasons 1-9

“Goosebumps” Seasons 1-4 including specials from the 1998 classic based on the best-selling books

“The Witch”

The original 1976 “Carrie”

Marathon on, and maybe sleep with the lights on if you get too spooked!