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Josh Vermillion

Meet this weeks Campus Cuties Josh Vermillion!!!!
Age: 18
Hometown: Logan, Ohio
Major: Journalism
Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Chick Flick: P.S. I Love You
Hobbies: Playing basketball and video games, listening to music, and watching sports
Favorite thing about OU: The sense of community
Campus Involvement: WOUB and Club Track
Favorite food: Bacon
His super power would be to: Read minds
Best features about a girl: Dimples or eyes
Fun Fact about Josh: His eyes change colors
Last concert he attended: 2013 Warped Tour
Favorite life quote:
“Reach for the sky, nothing’s impossible when you realize the strength is inside.
Embrace the struggle when it’s all you can see.
Words only come to life when you believe.” – Legacy by Memphis May Fire
(tattooed on the side of Josh’s body)
Would you give a girl flowers or chocolate?
 “Neither, I’d give her a mix CD because it’s more from the heart and you can personalize it.”
Describe your ideal first date in Logan.
“We’d go get dinner, then get ice cream and take it to the park, and look at the stars.”
What qualities do you look for in a girl?
“A sense of humor, have things in common with her, and a good personality.”
What’s the biggest turnoff?
“Constantly disagreeing and not having an open mind.”
What’s one piece of dating advice you would offer to girls?
“Don’t be afraid to approach guys because we like a girl who is confident enough to make the first move.”
Sophomore studying magazine/news writing at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism; also working on a minor in French. Scripps J-School Ambassador Her Campus Ohio U copy editor Backdrop Magazine writer Interned at West Life/The Press newspapers in Cleveland (Summer 2014) www.emjmac.wordpress.com
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