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Jody Ganschinietz

Jody Ganschinietz is perpetually smiling. She has wide caramel colored eyes and is adorned with red lips which have quickly become her signature look. Her long, black hair which had been dyed honey comb blonde at the bottom is pulled to the side in a plaid that goes down to the middle of her ribcage. Ohio University Junior Ganschinietz, president of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity– Epsilon Iota chapter, is the breath of fresh air that will salvage the reputation of milennials. Ganschinietz, 20, has devoted her young life to helping others.

“Ever since I was little, I’ve always been really passionate about volunteer work and giving back,” Ganschinietz said. 

In an ideal world, Ganschinietz would do public relations for a hospital or non-profit. 

“When I grow up, I want to do PR or event planning for a non-profit or hospital, specifically nationwide children’s (in Columbus),” Ganschinietz said. 

In addition to being president of Phi Sigma Pi, Ganschinietz is the executive director of the Association of Women in Communications and an active member in Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and ImPRessions. 

Although she is hyper involved in campus, Ganschinietz felt as if she found her home and her family with Phi Sigma Pi. 

“I think the positions that I hold, and the clubs that I’m passionate about [is what I’m most proud of],” Ganschinietz said. She frequently repeated that she aims to motivate others.

Every bit of turmoil that Ganschinietz has endured in her 20 years has not dulled her sparkle. In fact, Ganschinietz has only grown stronger and more creative through every issue in the last three years. For example, Ganschinietz’s glasses had a screw fall out her freshman year. Instead of making do without, Ganschinietz put a thumb tack in her glasses to hold them together. She went through rush for Phi Sigma Pi– Epsilon Iota chapter with the thumb tack in her glasses. The entire time, her smile wouldn’t fade from her face and her spirits were not damped. 

Sometimes when I have weeks that school work is crazy, and meetings upon meetings, I’ve had times where it’s hard to get myself out of bed, or get myself to those meetings, but my motivation is that everything I do is going to help me in the future, or bettering myself, Ganschinetz said. 

With two years down, Ganschinietz has already figured out the important aspects of her college career; including meeting her big, Bree Brown. Ganschinietz identifies meeting Brown has her favorite moment in college and laments the possibility of not meeting her. 

(Photo courtesy of Jody Ganschinietz) 

Ganschinietz says she wants to encourage women to step out of their comfort zone, and take more risks. It’s so easy to stay in your little box or little bubble, and it’s totally okay to fail as long as you use it as a learning experience. I would not be where I am today if I did not step out of my comfort zone.

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