Jessica Vogel: Chipotle Student Brand Manager

Meet Jessica Vogel, Chipotle’s Student Brand Manager at Ohio University! Jess is a senior strategic communication major, and she is involved with many other student organizations, clubs and internships on campus.

“As a Chipotle SBM I'm responsible for connecting students with Chipotle by engaging students in conversation and driving traffic to the local restaurant. It is my job to remind the OU community that Chipotle cares. I do this through a variety of tactics, from passing out BOGOs to arranging catering donations.”

Jess has been working with Chipotle since August 2013. She said her favorite part of being Chipotle’s Student Brand Manager is “having the ability to contribute to Chipotle's Food With Integrity mission. It is great to be part of a movement that is changing the way people think about and eat fast food.”

Check her out on Twitter at @jayvogue!