The Importance Of Girl-Friends

Alright, ladies let’s be honest: there is absolutely nothing better than a girl's night. There’s a reason why Miley Cyrus herself wrote and dedicated a song about them, "Let’s Go, GNO".

Whether it’s dressing up and going to a nice dinner, partying at a club, or cuddling up and watching a throwback chick flick, they all have one thing in common: they will make you feel like the confident woman you totally are. Why? Girl-friends allow you to see your worth because your #ladysquad is there to see you shine even in the darkest of times. 

This article is for all you sexy ladies out there who adore the heck out of your gal pals. I’d like to share the importance of girl-friends and why we need them to literally survive. 

  1. 1. We Relate to One Another: 

    Girls know how to relate to one another. We understand the daily struggles of heartbreak, periods, balancing school, relationships, and friends. When one of your gal pals is dealing with something personal, girl-friends are the first ones to hold and pick you up when you need it most. We will hug it out, cry it out, and get you feeling like yourself in no time.

  2. 2. Advice:

    Girls are notorious for giving out advice, and usually, I like to nip stereotypes in the bud but… I’m going to have to stand by this one. Your lady friends will give you the most sincere advice about anything you’re going through (even if you didn’t ask for the advice!!) Girls have been through a lot and are willing to talk about personal experiences with our girls to help them get through a similar situation. 

  3. 3. We Care:

    Girls are wonderful, passionate creatures. Trust me, if you tell us a dilemma you’re in… we will remember and we will keep checking up on you 24/7. Girl squads will pick you up and support you all the time.

  4. 4. Support:

    Women understand each other. During girl's nights, your best friends will stay by your side and make sure you’re having the time of your life. We will back each other up and not let anybody hurt or manipulate our friends. Girl-friends are in it for you and want to make sure the squad has the best night they can.

In Conclusion, humans are wonderful creatures as a whole. Men are wonderful. Women are wonderful. Transgender people are wonderful. Non-binary people are wonderful. But let me tell you what, finding people who make you feel the most whole are the ones that you need to focus on, especially in college. This is a big lesson that I have learned during my time here at Ohio University. I have been surrounded by the most amazing people that make me feel whole. 

As a woman, I love to surround myself with other positive women. Girl’s nights are regenerating and make me feel confident in the woman I have become. 

Grab your lady friends by the hand, squeeze them tight, and tell them how much you love them because the world would not be as amazing without them.