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I’m Wearing Blue Eyeliner And I Don’t Look Like I’m 12

(Photo courtesy of http://bbblivezone.com)

I have been doing my make up the same way for the past few months, but my mom threw a curve ball at me when she brought me blue eyeliner from the drug store for my birthday. At first I was going to return it for my usual black liner, but one day I decided to try it out and found a new makeup look that I love. If you are looking to change up your makeup routine, try adding some color to your eyes.

The first time I used my blue eye liner, I just started with combining it with gold and brown eye shadow. I then put the blue liner over my shadow in a thin line since I was just experimenting. I got a lot of compliments from my roommates about my eyes popping, so I started to get bolder.

(Photo courtesy of i.ytimg.com)

Just adding blue eye liner to your look can change your makeup routine in a fun way. If you want a bolder look, put light blue liner on the lower eye lid. This look makes the eyes look bigger and brighter.

(Photo courtesy of makeupbychelsea.net)

If you’re the experimental type, combining blue and black liner is perfect for a night out. Cat eyes are in right now so if you do the black cat eye then add a layer of blue right above, it is a show stopping look.

(Photo courtesy of http://cdn-isadora2.doy.se)

I did not think it was possible to wear blue eye liner without feeling like I was back in sixth grade. There are also a lot of shades of blue to try out with different looks like navy, turquoise or light blue. Once I started experimenting I found out these looks are fierce and fun to wear when I want to change up my look.

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