I Am A Girl Scout Cookie Addict

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and no I do not mean Christmas.  It’s Girl Scout Cookie Season!  AKA the only time of the year we don’t feeling bad about stuffing ourselves with cookies.  Calories don’t count if you are supporting a good cause, right?

I, along with millions of Americans, suffer from Girl Scout Cookie addiction.  It’s not my fault that the Girl Scouts offer 12 different cookie varieties for me to swoon over.  It’s truly a challenge to pick just one box to buy. 

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Asking someone what their favorite Girl Scout Cookie is compares to asking a parent who their favorite child is.  No answer can be given or explained.  I love every flavor evenly. All Girl Scout Cookie flavors are created equal (that statement should be added to the Constitution.)

When I buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies, I am not only getting a tasty treat, but I am also supporting and empowering young girls across the nation.  It is vital for girls to build their confidence at a young age so they believe in themselves for the future.  Each and every girl has so much potential in them, all they need is a little bit of our support to thrive.

Photo courtesy of girlscouts.org

“Every box you buy helps power unique and amazing experiences for the awesome girls who sell them – it also gives her the opportunity to learn the essential life skills, soar in confidence, and quickly discover the leader within,” according to the Girl Scouts website.

2017 also marks 100 years of the first known sale of cookies by Girl Scouts.  This is the perfect excuse to buy 100 times the normal amount of cookies I usually do!

If you want to show a young girl that you believe in her, I urge you to buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies as soon as possible.  As a former Girl Scout, I know the positive impact cookie selling brings.

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Who run the world? Girl Scouts! 

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