How To Waste Your Time While Studying For Finals


It’s that time of year again. No, I’m not talking about the holiday season. It’s finals week! The point in the semester where every college student spends hours staring at their textbooks in hopes that they’ll remember everything they’ve learned this semester. The line for every coffee shop is long as students replace sleep with caffeine. Unfortunately, not every study session can go as planned. Sometimes you need a little break from Quizlet. Or sometimes you need an excuse to not begin studying in the first place.


  1. Check out your social media.

Scrolling aimlessly through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are classic time wasters. Spice it up by also checking your Pinterest, Tumblr and Linkedin!


2.  While you’re on facebook you should probably stalk some people you haven’t talked to since high school.

Who has a baby? Who is married? Who broke up with who? Who’s in jail now? This is necessary information.


3. Your desk is looking kind of messy. How can you be expected to study when you’re surrounded by a disorganized disaster?

You should really clean it. While you’re at it you might as well just give your entire room a good decluttering.


4. The playlist you’re listening to is kind of outdated. Make new study playlist (or three).  


5. Plan a vacation.

You’ve always wanted to take a week long trip to Europe. You should plan every little detail right now. Be sure to check out some possible hostels and while you’re at it, check the price of plane tickets.


6. Make some coffee. Caffeine is key to getting all your work done.


7. Online shop. Even if you don’t have the funds it never hurts to fill your cart up with sweaters, jeans and anything else your heart desires.

8. Google pictures of puppies.

Find a puppy that you need. Think of names for it and envision your future together.


9. All this procrastination is making you hungry.

Go get some food from your kitchen. Or wait. You could always leave and go buy something to eat.


10. Netflix something!

I mean you’re only six episodes away from finishing Friends. If netflix isn’t your style I’m sure ABC has a Christmas movie that you need to watch. Tis the season!


11. Panic about your future.

Because it wouldn’t be finals week if you didn’t think about everything that could go wrong with your life.

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