How To Prepare For When Your Best Friend Leaves For A Summer

So, KC has decided to take an internship in Detroit for this summer. Along with my other 3 close friends. As happy as I want to be for her (them), I find it hard because I’m just a tad bit selfish. What am I supposed to do without my partner in crime this whole summer? What am I supposed to do when I get off work at 10:00p.m. and all I want to do is see a $5 movie with her? Sure, there’s other friends and other people I can hang out with, but absolutely nothing will be the same. Me, being the drama queen that I am, have decided to find ways to cope with the fact that my best friend will be gone all summer. Here are some ideas:  

1. Make sure you have a job waiting 

Lucky enough for me, I already have a job back at home. I am a server at BDubs and if anyone else is a server, you’ll understand that sometimes those shifts can go on for a lot longer than originally planned. Picking up more shifts, and even working doubles, will keep me busy AND make me more money. So, that’s a plus (or a negative?)

 2. Take summer classes

I ended up doing awful in Spanish this semester, so dropped that and have decided to take it at a community college back at home this summer. Although the class is only 2 days a week, it’s a pretty long one and I’m sure the workload will be a decent amount. So, I’ll be busy with that as well.

3. Spend time with the fam

Since hanging out with friends always seems to somehow override family time, I’ve decided that this summer I will see my family more than ever. There’s only so little time left until I’m away at a job (hopefully in NYC), so might as well use this time to my advantage! 

4. Branch out

This one may just be the hardest. As much as I love my other close friends, KC is always my go to. No matter what the plan is, or who it involves, KC is always along for the ride. So not having her by my side this summer may be a little difficult, BUT it also may help me become even closer to other friends.

5. Facetiming IS a thing, and so is a car!

Hopefully I will be blessed with my own car this summer and if that’s the case, Detroit is only a little over 3 hours from where I live, so trips will definitely be taken. And will also be fun, because who doesn’t love road trips? Besides that, Facetime is convenient for when it’s 3a.m. and we both can’t sleep and just need to vent.

So as much as I’m going to miss my roommate for the past two (and next two) years, maybe distance will be good for us. Although we do actually sound like a couple, it’s totally okay, because by next semester we will be reunited and living together yet again. Maybe the space is what we need (but probably not). Good luck KC, and as much as I hate you, I hope you have the best time EVER. 

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