How To Dress When The Weather Is Constantly Changing

We are at that lovely time of year when Mother Nature is bored with the predictability of snowing and being extremely cold every single day. Now we’ve entered Swinter, which is that awkward time of year where it might be -3 degrees on Monday and on Tuesday it’s 85 degrees and raining but by Tuesday evening it’s so windy you can’t even think about using your umbrella and also the temperature has now dropped to 50 degrees. As a college student, this is the absolute worst. I’m just trying to wake up on time for my 10 a.m. class after a night of drinking and get ready without having to worry about the temperature fluctuating every thirty minutes. So if this is also a problem for you, then have no fear because I have a foolproof way to guarantee that you’re dressed for whatever Mother Nature has up her sleeve.

Step 1: Check the weather.

Then have a panic attack because it is snowing right now but when you’re walking between classes it’s going to be 70 degrees and sunny and when you’re coming home from the gym after class it’s supposed to be rainy and humid.

Step 2:

Put on an outfit only to immediately take it off because since the weather can’t get its shit together, you have no idea what temperature to make your apartment so you’re probably too hot or too cold.

Step 3:

Take everything out of your closet. Look through it all to find something rain and wind proof that is made of fleece to keep you warm but is also breathable enough that you won’t sweat.

Step 4:

You probably found nothing but you were going to do it anyway so don’t be mad at me for adding a messy room to your list of problems.

Step 5:

Put on a tank top. Then put a t-shirt on top of that. Layers are key.

Step 6:

Keep on layering. Sweatshirt, raincoat, winter jacket. Shorts and leggings then jeans then sweatpants and who freaking knows maybe you’ll go under a freak snow warning and have to snowboard home from class so better put on those ski pants.

Step 7:

Once you’re all bundled up it’s time to pick out your shoes! Wear your go-to sneakers, but also pack some Birkenstocks in case it gets hot and humid and throw in your rainboots to keep your feet dry in case of weather. 

Step 8:

Walk outside and cry because Accuweather was wrong.

Step 9:

Ignore everyone's judging looks because you may look weird taking off and putting new layers on but at least you’re cool, warm and dry.

Step 10:

Come home and struggle to take everything off and then prep yourself to do it all over again until summer.