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Ohio University Convocation Center on the Athens campus
Ohio University Convocation Center on the Athens campus
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HOUmecoming Season: Here’s A List Of Things To Do During A Visit To Athens

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Ohio U chapter.

Athens comes alive during the fall semester, and homecoming season brings out the best of the city and campus. There is a plethora of activities, events, and businesses for alumni and current-student family visitors to enjoy. As a local, here is my list of the best things for visitors to do during Homecoming Week.

Go To Homecoming Events

Maybe the most obvious activity on the list, visitors can attend the homecoming parade and football game on Saturday, October 7. The homecoming parade showcases the heart of Athens through the campus and larger community. From marching local businesses and non-profits to student organizations and alumni floats, the parade is a true sight to see and experience.

The Bobcats have had a positive football season thus far, standing at 4-1 overall. The Bobcats will match up against the 1-4 Kent State on Saturday, which may prove an interesting game. Visitors should definitely experience the energy on the Frank during the homecoming game.

Support local Businesses And Restaurants

Athens, Ohio is home to many local businesses, such as apparel vendors, restaurants and coffee shops, and crafters. Many of these businesses and vendors operate on Court Street, but others operate on East and West State Street.

On Saturday mornings, Athens has the local farmers market on East State Street at The Market on State. Local vendors at the market offer locally-grown produce, florals, food and beverages, hand-crafted home goods and decor, jewelry, pet products, and more. Visiting these local vendors is a great way to interact with the Athens community.

Both East and West State Street are also home to other operating local restaurants and businesses, which are great for students and their families who want to get off campus and experience Athens during homecoming week.

load up on Ohio University merch

Visitors wanting to buy Ohio University merchandise for themselves and their students need to look no further than the Court Street Bricks. The College Bookstore, Ohio is Home and the Bobcat Fanstore are some of the top apparel stores in Athens to get merchandise to support the Bobcats (especially during homecoming game day). The College Bookstore offers deals such as Crazy 8’s (select t-shirts for $8.88) and 1804 sweatshirts (select styles for $18.04), which are great for budget-conscious visitors.

Take a morning walk around campus

Visitors to Athens don’t need to purchase merchandise to enjoy Ohio University. As a local student, my favorite part of the day is my morning commute and walk to campus. At this time of the year, the changing leaves, curious squirrels, and crisp air on the OHIO campus make morning walks a calming activity. This is a great way for alumni and families to explore the campus buildings and iconic College Green.

The bike path surrounding the campus is another great option for morning movement. (Just don’t bother the remaining population of geese. Simply keep walking and don’t make eye contact.)

Spend Quality Time With Family

This activity is aimed at current students. The meaning of homecoming is spending time with family and reconnecting with the community. To students with family and friends coming to Athens this week: make sure to spend quality time with them. Plan ahead of the weekend homework to make time for catching up with loved ones. Enjoy the Saturday festivities, campus, and community together because homecoming may be the last opportunity until Thanksgiving break or Winter break. Take this time to enjoy what it means to be hOUme.

For more information about Homecoming Week events, visit the official Ohio University webpage here.

Hi! I'm a second-year Honors Tutorial College journalism student and writer at Ohio University! I enjoy exercising, studying, local coffee, and collecting stickers from local businesses! I can't wait to take you on my college journey!