A Holiday Gift Guide For Your Girls

Christmas is almost here! Two more weeks until it’s here aka it seriously is right around the corner. If you haven’t gotten all of your gifts yet, here is a guide that hopefully can help!  

1. Fuzzy socks. Name a girl who doesn’t like receiving socks? Plus you can find them almost everywhere and they are very inexpensive.

2. A water bottle. We all use them and the cuter the better, amiright?

3. Nail Polish. Cause girly things, you know?

4. Gloves, hat, scarves. Texting gloves are a must.

5. Jewelry - earrings, watch or a necklace.

6. Phone case. We could always use a new phone case!

7. Makeup. Who says no to more makeup?

8.  Pajama pants. Our love for pajama pants will never fade!

9. Gift card!

10. Coffee cups. You can never have enough!

11. Slippers. We don’t just wear them in the house...

12. Favorite stuffed animal. Let’s be honest, you still sleep with your stuffed animals.

13. Food. Who in their right mind says no to food?

14. Sweaters. Oversized to be exact!

15. Lotion and perfume. We love to smell good.

16. Bath bombs. *coughs, Lush!*

17. Alcohol. Christmas cheer!

18. Blanket. You can buy Christmas blankets for around $5.00 at WalMart…

(All photos courtesy of Pinterest and Walmart.com)