Hating the Humidity: Woes of a Curly Haired Girl in the Summer

I've always had wild, curly hair. As a child, I had blonde ringlets that bounced as I chased my sister around our house and now, although my hue has darkened to medium brown, my hair is as curly as it was (albeit much longer). I'm proud to sport my natural texture, even though it always looks messy and unpolished, but once the humidity index hits any number above 30, my adoration turns to bitterness as I fight the frizz and unmanageable height that will plague my head for the next 4 months. 

Unlike so many of my peers, straighteners and hair spray can only ease the issue. So rather than fight my stubborn hairstyle, I've found ways to combat it. I say embrace your natural texture this summer (Because who wants to spend hours with heating tools when it's a sweltering 85 degrees?) 

The best way to tame frizz is moisture, so try moisturizing shampoos and deep conditioners while in the shower. In order to keep a hair halo at bay for those with frizz-prone manes, try a combination of leave-in conditioner and gel after you shower. This is a tip I've read in several magazines and have personally found to be effective. I usually am opposed to the crunchiness that accompanies gel, but the conditioner keeps my curls soft.

Air drying is ideal, especially if you shower at night. But for morning shower lovers, use a diffuser when drying your hair to avoid leaving the house with wet hair. It brings out your natural texture and prevents the humidity from raising the height of your hair to epic proportions. 

Clearly I am no saloon expert, just an advocate for curly and wavy styles in a straight-hair lovin' world. These celebrities hopped on this hair train too. Love it!

This picture is clearly old, but look how pretty!

I have doubts about whether or not this is natural or if Charlize is just a poser, but it looks gorgeous.