Graduation Blues

As graduation approaches, I realize I’m ready to leave… sorta. I’m over classes, but I’m not over basically having a sleepover every night with my friends or not having to be up at 6 a.m. every morning to be to work on time. Here’s some of the things I’m dreading leaving behind in a few weeks when graduation rolls around. 

My Freedom 

I know everyone thinks once you graduate and live on your own. For most grads, this is not true immediately. In my case, I have to move back home with my parents to save enough money while I continue to look for my dream job that pays me enough. That means I will go back to curfew and having to text my mom even if I’m leaving to go to the store because when I’m home she thinks I’m going to basically die if she doesn’t know where I am at every second (even though I run around Athens, Ohio without telling her my every move). 

Also, this means I will no longer be trusted by my professors who have had me as a student for years. I now have to be the new girl again and work hard to gain the right to think on my own two feet at a new company. 

My Casual Clothes

I understand I’ll still be able to wear jeans and leggings on my weekends or after I come home from work to go to the gym, but it’s not the same. Currently, I have become extremely lazy with my outfit choices, especially on my way to classes. Most days I wear leggings, a oversized crew neck and my hair in a super messy bun. I never put on makeup, and half the time I’m not sure I leave the house with a bra on when I have super early classes. Yet, no one judges. Unfortunately, this lifestyle is not going to work in a few weeks. 

The Going Out Culture of Athens 

Yeah, sure, I’ll go out here and there when I move, but it won’t be the same. First, I have to make all new friends and find people who love to go out as much as I do. Second, not every bar will be within 5 minute walking distance from my house. And worst of all, not every day is a casual excuse to go out. In college, my friends realize there’s Sunday Funday, Happy Hour Tuesday, Liquor Pitchers on Wednesday, Jbar Thursday, plus Friday and Saturday are a no brainer to go out because it’s the weekend. 

My Friends 

I’m graduating a year early, and that means I am leaving most of my best friends. Everyone will still be enjoying the good college years, while I head off to work every morning. Although it’s upsetting, at least I know I have a valid reason to go back to OU all the time! 

I’m definitely excited to be starting a new chapter in my life, but a part of me will always miss the time I’ve spent in college.