Getting Real with #aerieREAL

Someone finally got it right. Aerie, a branch-off of American Eagle Outfitters specializing in bras, underwear, swimwear and pajamas, recently launched their #aerieREAL campaign. The company has promised, “No more supermodels. No more retouching. Because...the real you is sexy.”


Now, when customers visit the Aerie website or get a catalog in the mail, they’ll see the items for sale modeled on real girls complete with freckles, birthmarks, tummies and even thighs that -gasp- touch.

There’s also a new specialized bra-searching tool that allows website users to look at bras in cup sizes ranging from 30A to 40DD. It’s amazing that nobody has thought to do this before. Everyone’s body is different, so naturally a mega-pushup bra that adds two cup sizes isn’t going to look the same on an A lady as it would on someone with a larger D-sized chest.

Although this search engine for bras is a great idea, it could still use improvement. Only one model is featured for each cup size, which excludes the many ways body types vary within a cup size. However, don’t get me wrong - it’s still a huge step up from using the same model (who wears a 32A) for every bra style.

Finally, to encourage women to embrace their own beauty, there is a section on the website where photos from Instagram are displayed accompanied by the hashtag #aerieREAL. Fans of the movement everywhere are participating and showing off their beautiful bodies, clothes, styles and smiles unashamedly. The only requirement to be added to the collection is to add #aerieREAL to your picture.

Aerie is paving a new path with this campaign. Young women are faced everyday with the pressure to look perfect and flawless like the supermodels they see in ads, but Aerie is bravely challenging these standards. The company is helping its customers to see their imperfections as beautiful, and to quit striving for unattainable standards.

Thank you, Aerie, for making us feel gorgeous, no matter what our body shape. Hopefully companies everywhere will soon be picking up on this seemingly simple yet oh-so-amazing idea.