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Get your finals on: perfect study settings in Athens

Well, it’s that time of the quarter again: finals time. If you’re anything like me, finding the perfect place to really focus can be really difficult. My dad calls me parakeet; because loud noises and pretty colors distract me. So, finding the ideal place to sit down and really get my study on can be hard.

There’s Alden Library, which is a classic. The second floor is open 24 hours though finals week, and Café Biblotech is open till 1pm for a late-night pick-me-up. But for me, Alden just doesn’t cut it. I can’t do the traditional study-till-I’m-dead in the library thing. The good news is if you’re anything like me, there are plenty of great alternatives.

Lets start off with a good, old, favorite – the coffee shop. A coffee shop is a good environment to study if the bright lights and quiet hushes of the library aren’t quite your scene.

Donkey coffee  (17 ½ West Washington) has been running for 24 hours during exam week (Monday-Thursday) for as long as I have been here, and it doesn’t look like they don’t plan on stopping anything soon. This is perfect for late-night cram sessions, and the coffee is good. You can get a refillable mug of fair-trade Joe for a reasonable price. It’s a great location to buckle down for a long period of time. The only downside is Donkey can get cramped and seating can be hard to find. Plus, the dim lighting can make you a little sleepy at 1am.

Front Room coffee (4th floor Baker) is easily accessible, and if you have flex, you can get coffee on the cheap (or free depending on who pays for your meals). Unfortunately, Front Room can tend to be a bit noisy thanks to being placed in the heart of our student center, and the coffee isn’t my favorite. So, if you’re looking for quality over quantity, this is not my first recommendation.

My final coffee shop is a shameless self-promotion. Court Street Coffee (67 S. Court) is a great place for those who like to study early before the crowds come out, or to cram right before an exam. It’s got a really convenient location, down the street from Bentley and less than a block from most major buildings. It’s also a good location to grab that last-ditch effort coffee after an all-nighter and before a tough morning exam. It opens early (7am), and has some darn good coffee to boot.

I may be a bit biased, since I am a barista at Court Street. But trust me I wouldn’t drink it if it weren’t good. They have a great deal too for coffee lovers. If you bring in your own mug/cup/travel mug/big gulp you can get it filled up with coffee for just a dollar. The only downside is that seating is a bit limited, and the hours are short – closing at 8pm on weeknights. The upside- the baristas are really attractive.

If coffee isn’t your scene, there are a couple of other alternatives.

The newly opened Dragon’s Cup (formerly G.G.’s Bubble Tea, 29 S. Court) serves a variety of different tea, and a great study atmosphere with plenty of comfy couches and a basement with lots of seating. Trying to garner some regular customers and cater to the overcrowded Donkey studiers, Dragon’s Cup will also be open 24 hours for exam week, and will offer some selections of coffee and pastries from Fluff Bakery. If you are a picky eater though, be warned. The Dragon’s Cup is geared mostly toward Asian culture and cuisine, and may not be your cup of tea (pun totally intended). But, if your looking for cheep eats and to expand you tea-horizons, then check it out.

Here, I thought I would talk about some bars you could get some efficient studying done…but, lets be real. None of us are trying to fail winter quarter. You’re welcome.

These places are all great, but one of my favorite options is to study with Mother Nature herself. Our local weather report is looking to make for some good study time. With highs in about the seventies all week, and only slight chances of rain, it’s a perfect time to head outdoors and study. The fresh air will keep you alert, and the sun will bring your mood, even when studying for an econ exam. Plus, Athens is such a beautiful city with so many places to hang outside. Weather on the various greens, on the balcony of Baker center, overlooking the city on radar hill, or just on your front porch, I find that outside is an ideal place to study.

So whether you’re a homebody, an outdoor nut, a coffee addict, or your classic library goer, Athens has plenty of options to make it the best exam week possible. So buckle down focus, and remember that Spring Break is only one short, and hopefully stress-free exam week away. Best of luck, Colligiettes! 

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