The FOMO That Comes With Missing a Fest

Fests are like a rite of passage at Ohio University. When you go, you’ll have all kinds of experiences, hang out with many of your friends, and meet tons of people.

Sometimes, you plan on festing with the best, but end up not being able to. For whatever reason that you’ve decided to call off a fest, (you might be sick, you might have had too much the night before or perhaps something came up) you’re bound to experience some major FOMO for sure. In fact, it is likely that one (or all) of these things will happen to you in the span of time which you’re not there:


1. See if you can down a few sips just to remind yourself that you’re too sick.


Ouch! Liquor is TOO acidic for this sore throat. :/  

2. Check people’s stories on Snapchat.


How crazy is it right now?

3. Binge eat your guiltiest pleasure.


Might as well prepare my liver for anything…

4. Watch unlimited YouTube vids.


What would it be like to fest with Ingrid Nilsen or Joey Graceffa?

5. You’ll try to figure out the night proceeding.


I’m going to get lit off of tea and honey just so I can actually make it out tonight.

6. Snapchat, but not posting anything.


If you dare, no one will care!

7. Try to study for school.


But who’d actually do that anyway? Aren’t some professors secretly festing too?

8. Refresh your Instagram feed.


OMG, like, everyone is having more fun than me.

9. Text a friend to see where they are, even though the fest is pretty much already shut down.


Not texting back, alright… #Sigh

10. Take a nap.


Just forget it, Reality. I’m sick, so I’m going to forget about you!

11. Try to create something.


Would Mark Zuckerberg (or insert any creatively famous person here) be at Palmer right now if he went to OU?

12. Go on Snapchat.


Better see everyone pet a horse, or else!

13. More Snapchat.


Wait, where are all my exes at right now?

14. Oh yeah, check Snapchat… AGAIN!


Okay, I have FOMO fo realz!

15. Try not to cry.

Don’t fret if this day in time has happened to you (or will happen to you) -- there are plenty of other amazing fests awaiting your attendance!